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Allow Thy Spiritual Insight To Reveal Hidden Truths, And Offer Sacred Knowledge Regarding Love, Relationships, Career, Chakra Alignment, Affirmation, Esoteric Questions About Manifestation, Spells Or Self-Alchemy.....
🌹 Welcome To Sekhmet's Sanctuary,🌹

🎉Sekhmet's Sanctuary Has Successfully Performed Over 💸 1000 Paid Readings! Thank You All For Supporting Thy Service At Her Introductory Price!

A Sacred Space To Innerstand Your Divinity, While Receiving Spiritual Answers To Soothe The Heart And Mind.

🌹 I AM Victorious Sequoia, African Shaman Prêtresse, Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner and Minister, Mystic Psychologist. Mystically I AM Proficient In Tarot, Spellwork, Runes, Pendulum, Numerology, Chakra Cleansing, And E.T. Transmission Confirmations 🌹

🔮I Possess Over 15 Years Experience As A Spiritual Advisor, Whom Has Successfully Assisted And Advised Thy Brethren, In Traditional And Mystical Spirituality. I AM Educated In Metaphysics, Rootwork, Human Sexuality, Faery And Ceremonial Magic.

🎩 I AM Steward Of Ancient blood Line of Healers, Miracle Workers, Psychics And Prophets From Ancient Mesopotamia. I AM Divinely Gifted With Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, And Clairsentience, Which Allows Thee To Offer Thy Magical Craft In A Magical Way To Those That Seek, Self-Transformation, Inner Healing, Protection, Prosperity, And Innerstanding With All Of Life’s Facets.
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♌️I, Victorious Sequoia, Serving The Heart And Mind By Performing Triumphant Tarot Readings, Which Soothes, And Answers With Honesty, Which Your Innerself Seeks To Hear. Utilizing The Tarot As A Medium, Connects Thy Clients To The Kethers, Beyond The Veil Of Time And Space.

⚡️Lady Sekhmet “She Who Is Most Powerful”, The Mary-El Tarot, Ancestors, Gods/ Goddesses Of Aeon, Archangels, Animal Spirit Guides, Affirmations, Angelic Hz Music, Offers Thy Clients A Spiritual Services To Behold.

🕯Spiritually Counsels The Soul To Embrace It’s Whole Self, The Angel(God Consciousness) And The Devil(Ego, Lower, Subconscious), The Monad, The Awakened Archangel. When One Can Truly Innerstand Oneself, You Begin To Perceive The Omnipotent Within, Which Allows You To Project That Outwardly.

Spiritual ⏰Hours Of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday! 5pm-8pm(PST) 🔔 On Wednesdays, Saturdays And Sundays I utilize these days for rest and rejuvenation, 🔱 in order to properly serve you Divine Beings Of Gaia.

🔮Psychic Predictions: Sequoia Brown, does not specialize in Predictions. Thy readings offer intuitive spiritual counseling, which assist Thy clients on how to properly navigate current life circumstances. The important factor for this decision is, I honor your Free Will and any relations you bring before Thee. OM!🙏🏾
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