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Tarot de Marseille: a symbolic path to wisdom
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Allow the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille describe the depth of your situation. I will help you understand their message in plain words.
I describe myself as a humanist and a Believer. At least three generations before me were raised knowing that there is more in this world than gross matter, knowing that despite the challenging situations there is hope and the best road is to put what we know to the service of others who might find it useful.
I have read Tarot de Marseille since 1986 and have found it a sound way to understand circumstances and chose paths to work on them.
My interest in Tarot de Marseille started when a friend gave me a deck and I was actually able to "read" it... then became a Master of Arts dissertation on how valid knowledge can be obtained from symbolic images. Five years of reading to the public gave the practical validation to the paper. Tarot in my own experience as an Asperger autistic has been to use those symbols to achieve a logical understanding of emotions that my neurological programming reports as confusing. The Tarot de Marseilles has become a life companion to clarify personal and public consultations.
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My approach is an holistic, intuitive interpreter of Taro de Marseille. I strive for a practical simple language that aims to bring clarity and comfort. I will say what I see in the cards, thus is not exactly "advice" or "feel good" platitudes. The best reading is the one the person comes out of it with a feeling of understanding and hope. Those who come to seek this service are people in confusion, doubts and challenges and their concerns will be taken with respect and care. The future is in the Hands of the Almighty but He gave us an intelligent mind and a heart to discern and seek help when the present is so clouded it might compromise our action in the future. The best way to approach the Tarot the Marseille reading is with an open mind and a clear question of what is desired to clarify. Due a speech disability I will only offer typed chat, I´m a pretty fast typist but mind I will be dealing cards and typing answers so it is not as fast paced as if we were sitting across a table face to face. I will concentrate in delivering the message with total clarity and you can be assured of my total attention while on the chat. Thus said I read the cards but I am not the best qualified to give medical or legal advice. 15 to 30 minutes is usually more than enough to get a perspective on a question and I might use a pendulum to answer certain concerns. Even though the cards provide a lot of insights of a certain situation I would ask to consult again when a tangible change in the outside conditions has happened. Repeated Tarot readings on the same topic bring more confusion than clarity.

Uncertain if my style of reading will prove useful? Email me your burning question. Depending of what you are asking I will draw cards and will interpret it for you in writing. I will email you back the image and typed interpretation. To open and read that email the price is $20.00 US dlls.
Also on pendulum readings: email me up to 10 questions. These are responded by Yes, No and Maybe that most of the time allow me to explain a some. To open and read that email the price is $10.00 US dlls.
If after trying this you will want to go for a chat I´ll be happy to help.
Wishing you Peace!
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