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I see, I seek, I find the sources of issues.
I bought my first tarot deck thirty years ago and practiced nearly every day for most of that time. I have faithfully used the I Ching daily for over twenty years and have most of the hexagrams and changing lines memorized. For twenty-five years I have been working with energy, chakras, and reiki- to the point where now I have my own energetic methods and clearing processes that I have found more effective. Recently I've been finding clear communication with many animals, spirits and other entities beyond the veil.

I have worked hard to operate from my true self. I hope to help others do the same.
Destiny/Life Path Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Love/Relationships Family/Friends
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I-Ching Empath Clairvoyant Tarot Medium
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Approach to Topics
I ask for some words from you to orient myself to the issues and I may ask a few questions. I look deeper to determine the true nature of the issues and the real questions behind the ones asked. I use my vision to see the effects on you and other entities involved to seek the truth on the energetic and metaphysical planes. I may do some clearing to help release you from attachments that hold you back and give clear insight on how best to proceed.

My goal is to help clients gain their own spiritual and life path clarity. I do not mince words. I speak kindly, but I do not sugar-coat, coddle or placate. My vision is clear and real. I want to help you find your truly free self and maximize your potential. Sometimes this means work for you too. I may suggest techniques or reading for working through issues and personal growth toward true voice and freedom.
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