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Texas Medium Shelby
Texas Medium Shelby
Southern Woman Aligning Women Into Love
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Assisting women in their alignment of spiritual awakening as it pertains to the male relationships in their world to create the most optimal connection in mind, body and spirit.
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Otherworld Connections
Fun Facts About Me:

1. I absolutely love & adore chips and queso
2. I am a flip flop shoe type of gal
3. Chick-fil-a tea is my favorite beverage
4. I am giddy over reality shows & all things relationships
5. Working out at the gym is my meditation
6. I am a Pisces so beach vacations are my home away from home
7. I did a commercial for TBS Non-stop Comedy Block
8. I interviewed Kelly Clarkson when she won American Idol
9. I have a blackbelt in karate
10. I competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions, won for best poser
11. Won contest to see *NSYNC at Madison Square Garden, front row
12. I love going on cruises
13. Competed in a tri-athlon and survived
14. Played Varsity soccer & captain of my team
15. President of FHA (Future Homemakers of America), I know how to do 'home'
16. Taught public school for 11 years (3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th-12th grade)
17. Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, fancy word for 'teaching'
18. I work from my 'future' energy 'backwards' - a typical psychic 'issue'
19. I drive a white Toyota 4 Runner which is my favorite car ever
20. My husband is the true match to all my parts
21. Mani's, Pedi's and getting my hair done is a staple of life
22. I am a sucker for great conversation and all things personal growth
23. If you can't find me, look for me at a Mexican restaurant
24. Crumbl cookies is my new obsession
25. I am very neat, tidy and organized
26. I was a personal fitness trainer
27. I taught cycling classes
28. I was zapped by aliens in my sleep awakening my kundalini

I am a Metaphysical Expert, Master Practitioner of NLP, Ordained Minister, Author, Podcast Host & Professional Speaker. I also own and operate my own spiritual school curriculum for the advancement of 5D communication.

Podcast Host of ShelbyRADIO
If you are struggling to understand the process of spiritual ascension, this podcast is for you. It will guide you along your spiritual journey while making your Keen sessions more effective.

Author of 6 Books

1. The Art of Process: 7 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity & Cultivating New Age Prosperity
2. Energy Is The New Brain: Surrender to Death & Begin Living
3. Soul Freedom: A Personal Memoir of One Woman's Journey Through Her Dark Night of the Soul
4. Soul Freedom Companion: The Final Battle To Freedom
5. Twin Flame Love: The Story Of How One Man Saved My Life
6. Energy Delish: Recipes That Will Feed Your Energy

Founder, Creator & Teacher
Spiritual School Curriculum
1. Relationship Reset Course
2. Movement Course
3. 5th Dimension Course
4. Mediumship Course
5. Psychic Energy Course
6. Energy Alchemy Course
7. Celebrity Consciousness Course
8. Spiritual Ethics Course
9. Twin Flame Course

How did all of the above come to light in order to be created?

I went through the darkest night of my soul purge to realize that love was never outside of me, it was always within me. When I discovered & began my soul healing is when I truly stepped into a higher love with myself while manifesting the twin mirror that would take me across the finish line into marriage.

I've done the work.
I have the process.

I am a 6 of Spades in my destiny card and it is all about hard work to attain wisdom. Lord knows I have mastered the hard work and now I share the wisdoms to help others do ascension 'easier' than I did.

Approach to Topics

My approach to topics is simple...CONNECTION.

The minute you call me or bring me into a chat the very first thing that I do is see if you and I have a connection. I immediately move 'me' out of the way to access the energy from my heart chakra and then begin radiating that energy out to you. That is where I keep you and me in a 'safe space' during our conversation.

I follow YOUR lead.

What do I mean by that?

Once I have a connection with you in the heart energy then I wait to see what is coming up in you that you are ready to have a conversation about so I can be the space of light to support the healing and expansion of what you are seeking. It is kind of like playing 'follow the leader' except in your session you are the leader and I am following where you want me to help you navigate with things you may not be able to 'see' because you are too close to the situation.

I work in the highest standards of ethics and will only guide your energy as far as it will allow itself to be guided in that moment. By you and me working together in the heart energy it is unbelievable what can be brought to light in a session that will create a space for you to get unstuck, get more clear and get moving towards a more aligned healing and outcome process for you.

Trust me, you can never do anything 'wrong' in the session. Come to the session being who you are and authentic to what you want me to know or help you with in order to get you more in balance.

I will let you know upfront that I am beyond an 'armchair' psychic. I have evolved past just having a question asked in order to receive a predictive answer. This is the 'old' way of doing psychic. I am more like the 'lounge chair' psychic now where I allow the space for your psychic energy to get cozy, open up & allow 'me' in so I can see what is going on that is holding you up from getting what you want in your world.

I utilize my many abilities to assist your psychic energy to learn, grow & align. I am a teacher to the energies so your energy can learn in order for you to not 'need' me one day because you have become a master of your own movement.

I am a teacher FIRST.

I approach our session with the open heart space, with the teacher mindset & the tools to teach your subconscious, your energy & your belief systems what is truly your truth. When all of those things align then you move into balance with consistent outcomes.

I only have the ability to assist you with your needs at the level of depth you wish to receive the guidance.

I have no judgment if you only feel the need to come in quick to handle something; however do know that I meet you where you are, what your value is and how long I have to get that connection with you. Sometimes our interactions might need to be short quick interactions until more things move or you feel you need more guidance.

If you are in a space in your life where you are looking for that spiritual 'coach' to help you in your ascension process and get INTO a process and you are willing to step into the longer haul of connection then that is truly where I shine.

Either approach works, the key is just to get started.

I will speak to you now or hopefully later!

Shelby :)

Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 93
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