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The Pittsburgh Medium
The Pittsburgh Medium
Love Life Readings Are My Specialty
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CHANNELED GUIDANCE - ILLUMINATES TRUTH. Fast paced readings, depth of how/whys/why not and what you need to know to get that relationship back on track. JESHUA and JAMES are my team of guides and their accuracy is undeniable.
I am a professional trance channeler, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, verbal channeling, conduit for energy healing, and automatic writing. Spontaneous awakening to trance channeling during meditation where my team of guides who use the names Jeshua and James first spoke to me by writing words in the air with my nose, followed by automatic writing and then trance channeling.

As a full time channel-medium, I have given thousands of readings and have clients all over the world, namely: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Italy, Croatia, and Germany.

JESHUA and JAMES are my guides and they instantly connect to your higher self, your guide, your loved ones, and the angelic beings to bring you clarity, peace of mind, timelines, strategies for dealing with life, and how to manifest the love life or other area of interest in the timeframe you are hoping for. THEY KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.
Approach to Topics
Helping you recover from relationship issues, get your love back, finding new love, or recovering faith in love are all my specialty and my gift to you. I appreciate the opportunity to channel for you.

Full name is suggested but not required. Birthdates are never asked for. Evidential information often includes physical traits, behavioral issues and personality traits of your person of interest followed by structured step-by-step guidance to get your love life back on track.

As a trance channel I quickly slip into an altered state and stay there for the duration of your reading. Readings are accurate, direct, yet full of compassion for what you are going through. JESHUA and JAMES know your situation, what is coming up for you, what you are currently manifesting, and have specific guidance to help you get where you are needing to go.

I am a professional channeler and a no tools reader I allow JESHUA and JAMES to do the talking. If you would like a tarot or pendulum reading, please ask and it will be accommodated. My guides are lightening fast with information to maximize your money and your time. JESHUA and JAMES connect with your Guides and Loved Ones or persons of interest both in the physical and soul planes instantly EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Please be prepared with questions and to take notes as the information that comes through is quick, thorough, and full of the how/whys.
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