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Spirited readings on your Soulfath Path
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Receive clear psychic insight into your situation. I CHANNEL Angelic energies of Divine Love during each session. Please be prepared to hear the truth, and the TRUTH of how YOU can change your circumstances.
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When you call or chat with me the very FIRST thing I do is tell you what season you are in, and what energies & guides are around you. Why is that important? It is because if you know what season you are in and what guides are around you it will help you in ALL aspects of your life. This information is channeled straight from my Angelic guides, and is very brief. After that I then ask what questions you have for me to explore during our session, this is to immediately gauge where you want me to focus in our reading. I know that your time is valuable and I value mine, so I like to get right to the point after I channel and provide you with the insights you are looking for. After I have answered your questions, if you would like me connect more so with your angelic guides, need clarification or would like for me to expound on the information I provided, we definitely will.

To prepare for our session, remember to take some calming breaths, have your intention for our session clearly in your mind and prepare to hear an empowering and affirmative channeled session.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

My intentions:
I provide straightforward advice, with a compassionate tone. I believe we create our lives and by being empowered with the truth you are readily able to do that. My readings allow you to see all of the angles of any situation and I then channel an action plan for you to transform your life for the better. My intention is for you to give and receive more abundance and have joy every day.

If you are confused I will provide you clarity. I only offer honest answers, so if you want to be entertained or are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, I am NOT the reader for you! However, if you desire truth, insight and empowerment then I AM the advisor you want to read with.

You are on this planet with a DIVINE mission allow me to channel the Angels and Spirit Guides that will help you walk on that path with grace and ease. My specialties include love and relationships, purpose, past lives and twin flames. I have been a professional reader for decades, starting out as a child I would interpret dreams and talk with my guides. All those years of readings and empowered insight for my clients has afforded me the wisdom, discernment and razor sharp accuracy that my customer's have come to appreciate in our readings.

I look forward to reading with you, come prepared to get clarity, tools and the honesty you deserve.
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