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.The Future is made of an infinite number of possible possibilities. I look at the future and your place in it to see the strongest probabilities. Where will you be in 10 yrs? 20? I look at that. WARNING: This can be scary
I am unlike most any other reader you have talked with because of my old ways training
Have the following ready if chatting pls copy n paste the following to expedite your request
Type out the dream you had in order to copy n paste. This saves time and makes things flow better.

Your FIRST NAME ONLY - no last names for ID security
Birth year only-I don't need the date
If you are calling about a person Their first name and birth year
If you are calling about a romance, I need to know the last time you spent time together in real life
How long you have known them

In 1995 I began my training offline, in person, in Ancient European Shamanism from Paleolithic (think Stonehenge) Europe think Norway, England,France Ireland, Germany etc. I am called a Siedhr Kona and Rune Kona in Old Norse or what the Viking spoke. I was trained by Rune Gild Masters, ADF Druids(Celtic) and Shamanic Elders.

Approach to Topics

If you have read this far, you have a need for an old school witch
You are busy, I respect that so lets get right to the important stuff

Dreams are probably the single most complicated aspect of our lives. It's so tough knowing what they mean especially when we just can't shake. them. Dreams as us talking to ourselves sometimes we tell ourselves things that are going to happen true. However, often times it is about things we need to know right now. Think of your dreams as your briefing from your subconscious mind.

Real Magick, when done properly, is a complicated interplay of thoughts and energy that has to do with links between things, once cast,it is permanent, it can not be undone anymore than you can take back your first baby steps. It has to be right the first time, there are no do overs. It takes years of dedicated study to achieve this. That is why I have devoted my life to my vocation of European Shamanism since 1995.

PROTECT your privacy and yourself from Identity theft NEVER give your last name, phone number or your address to any reader ever.

DO NOT CALL FROM YOU CAR! I do not risk your safety or mine by opening to the supernatural when you are in public.

I do magick for clients when needed at my discretion If it is just a rune or two there is no extra charge.
IF you want or need a full ritual there is an extra charge. Most of the time, most ppl do not need magick.

I will only call a ghost for serious issues ie you are grieving, inheritance, serious illness.

The longer a ghost has been dead the tougher it is to get a REAL contact and I refuse to fake a ghost connection or deceive you.

Ghost communication is a mish mash of images, feelings, memories and thoughts.It is like talking to a person in a dream.

IF you are not a medium and you have ghosts around you, that is a BAD OMEN It means something bad is coming.

Ghosts leave this mortal realm and once they do, it takes a MAJOR seance to bring them back, which I do for an extra charge
Your need is great
The deceased person was immediate family
years long partner
You had children with them
I will NOT call a ghost who was an acquaintance or Social Media friend.
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