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DREAM INTERPRETATION: What does it mean?
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Our dreams show us what our subconscious sees and our path. It may be a message of where your life is heading or what you need to let go of. Let me help you decipher what your subconscious is trying to tell you.
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My name is Brandy. I am a psychic medium tarot reader. I have been on this path for 25+ years. I use my gifts to help others in their life and guide them through the unknown. Dream interpretation is a gift that I offer. Dreams can be messages from our subconscious of things we need to recognize and heal, messages from the ancestors, messages from passed loved ones, there are various messages that can come through from your dreams. We are resting and our mind is more open to receive communication from our higher self. Allow me to help guide you with reading your dream.
Approach to Topics
When seeking a dream reading it is important to keep a journal of what you saw and write in it the moment you wake up because you will lose most information and symbols the longer you are awake. Symbols, colors, objects, situations, people, even the smallest object in your dream can be the main catalyst in your dream reading.

The dream reading can, at times, not make sense now, but will in the future. Make sure you write down what is conveyed by me to you so you can keep an eye out on what is being told to you.

I hope I can guide you on your journey and thank you for choosing me as your guide.
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