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Holy...freaking...cow.... She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there was so much healing just...
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
"Holy...freaking...cow.... She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there was so much healing just in the revelations she showed me. I bawled my eyes out and yet I already feel a million times lighter. My mind is blown. She is probably the most gifted psychic I have ever come across, and that is not an exaggeration. I am in shock and awe. I am literally the most stubborn person on this planet, but she got me to see what I have been needing to see for a long time now. And now I can move on with my life and get out of this stagnant mud I was sitting in. Thats completely priceless." Phoenix 122014

I have known Bonnie for approximately 4 yrs now and she has been my spiritual advisor during this time. She has always provided me with the best consultation and readings I have ever had and for that I am very grateful. Lately however, she has been my spiritual healer as well due to some problems I am experiencing and she has performed a couple of phone sessions as well as a virtual session for me and the results have been fabulous. Having known this woman has been a God Send for me and I am not an actor and this has not been a paid Testimonial. Bonnie has more than paid me in her services to me and I am sure all of her followers. - Phil Lowe
Approach to Topics
To start, I am going to ask you your name, and with that information I am going to Tune into your Higher Self (which is your God Self) and begin to channel the information that you most need to know now. It may not be what you are expecting to hear but it is what you need to hear.
If you want to ask about another person; romantic, business, or family... then I will ask for that individuals name and I will tune into their Higher Self and begin to channel that which they most want to express to you and the answers to your questions.
I can build on that reading by doing a 7 chakra compatibility reading in which I read each the 7 chakras of each individual and then give you the compatibility based on the programming in the chakras. The chakras are like little computers that store memories and information from ALL life times (past, present, future, and alternate) and we behave according to the programming in these chakras. These pictures effect the situation.

In the root chakra we will look at money and stability, the sacral chakra - sex and emotions and romantic relationship behavior, the solar plexus chakra - power, work, competition, and ego, the heart chakra - family and self love, the throat chakra - their ability to communicate and listen and hear their own inner voice, the third eye chakra - will you see eye to eye and do you have the same visions for the future, and in the crown chakra - is this the kinda relationship where you can be "one" with each other?

When I uncover blocks in the situation I will move those blocks for the highest good... (sometimes a third party will not let go of a block so it is based of free will) and give the situation an energetic healing at the time of the reading.
If the blocks go deep and are buried memories operating in the chakra unconsciously, then it could require a deeper energetic cleansing and healing on the situation. The technique I use is the Oneness Healing Technique that I created and teach online. This technique was developed in 2005 when I began to go through the Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening and has resulted in a technique in which I do a distance energetic healing by sitting in oneness with the healee and use kundalini reiki and the ho oponopono to go into a cellular level and remove those memories from the consciousness of the individuals involved that are causing them to behave based on information that is out of present time. In essence I am cleansing the dirt and debree from your relationship. Many times problems don't get resolved in one lifetime and they carry over into other life times. When we do a healing we are healing the memories that caused the problems in the first place. The energetic cleansings require that three hours be spent on each chakra doing the Oneness Healing Technique and these treatments should be done three one week - then a break for one week - and then another three treatments - and then a break for a week or so. Each set of three treatments is going to cause a shift. We start with the root chakra and heal the issues. This is the energetic foundation. Each time we move up the chakra scale. This can be done personally for yourself - giving yourself or someone you love the gift of an energetic healing and cleansing.
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