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I have been on Keen for 15 Years and I am a well respected Psychic , well known for my accuracy and Honesty . I am 7th generation Celtic. I have helped many to find the true path to Joy and Peace in their lives with the power
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I was Born in Liverpool England to an Irish Family. My Grandmother was a very powerful Psychic, and died 2 months before i was born, Before she passed she told my mother That she would give her gift to me, I was born 2 months later and from Early Childhood possessed the ability to fortell of things to come around my family and, family friends. My Empathic abilities began to be come more apparent when I reached early teens, And I could give friends advice on their budding new relationships, and also on relationships that where experiencing problems. Over the years my Powers have become stronger as I have worked as a Psychic Councilor since My early twenties, I have honed my skill with my Tarot cards which where bought for me when I was 21, and i still use the same deck today, They are very old, but Very Powerful
I have worked in Telephone Physics for 20 years or more, and have performed Thousands of readings which have helped to guide those in need to a new understanding and given them peace of mind in relationships and other matters of concern. Before that, I worked giving Personal Readings,
I have been successful in helping those in emotional pain to deal with many different kinds of issues, The things I have fortold for them have come to pass, and their worries have been calmed. This is my Gift and I use it to help others on Their life path, to help guide and heal. Let me Help you. It is my calling to do so.
Approach to Topics
I have been a Psychic Reader on Keen for 17 years, I have helped many to renew their relationships by helping to remove blockages in the Love connection between lovers. Often this is because of communication breakdown. As an Empathic Psychic, and with the help of my Guides, I can see where the relationship is breaking down and give advice on the path to renew and repair blockages that produce negative energy between you and your loved one. My Tarot cards can also be used to help give you information on what your loved one is thinking and feeling. Often misunderstandings are a cause of negative feelings, removing these misunderstandings and healing the negative feelings can often re-create the love that has been lost by creating Trust and removing anxiety.
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