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Cortney Lux
Cortney Lux
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I work with my guides and a variety of divination tools to get honest and caring answers for any questions you have. Tarot, oracle, clairvoyance as well as a direct connection to spirit.
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*My name is Cortney. I am a natural born Psychic Clairvoyant and empath with some mediumship abilities. I have been working with and developing the abilities that were given to me over many years. I am an indigo child . Over the years I have studied and learned to work with many different tools of divination to help me share my gifts with others who may be in need of guidance or just want to be able to look deeper at things then they are able to on their own. I mainly use Tarot and Oracle cards when reading for others. But I have also used pendulum, runes, dice, tea readings, charm readings, skrying and palmistry to name a few. I am always trying to soak up more knowledge into the mystical and paranormal realms. Being born with what seems to be one foot in the spirit world I have always been able to sense and often times see spirits around me. I tend to be a beacon for those who are in the spirit world but have not crossed. I am very skilled at picking up spirits in homes and other buildings and helping to identify who they while they were living. I also practice long distance Reiki and energy healing on people as well as pets and animals. If you are interested in a reading or even if you just have some questions or you are curious about please feel free to contact me. My purpose for taking this path in life is to help others in any way I can. I look forward to speaking with you.

Approach to Topics
I connect directly with my guides as well as use my psychic abilities to tune into your energy and look deeper into any issues you may be having to help find clarity in your situation. I am kind and honest. I do not like to sugar coat things but I have a gentle approach. All my clients tell me I am easy to talk to and feel more like an old friend then a reader. I can give you a clear outline of things going on in your recent past and move right through to the future outcome. I specialize in love and relationships but I am not limited to that. I can help you in all areas of your life. If you are coming to me for answers and guidance we will work through the energies surrounding you and get to the bottom of your concerns and find a clear path and answer to all the questions you seek to have answered.
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