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In order to understand how an online tarot reading works, one must know the basics of the cards within the deck. There are many styles of tarot, with a variety of artistic designs. Whichever style of deck you choose (or your psychic recommends), the basics are the same. A tarot reading deck consists of MINOR ARCANA (56 cards that correspond to a traditional deck of playing cards, with aces, kings, queens and numbered cards in four suits) and MAJOR ARCANA (22 numbered pictorial cards). Your free on line tarot reading will use all of the cards listed below.

When tarot cards from the Major Arcana (such as the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, Strength, the Emperor, the Chariot, Justice, the Hermit, the Lovers, the Moon, etc.) appear within your free tarot reading, you can expect significant life changes or decisive and long-term re-directions of psychic energy. Major Arcana cards often reflect a working of fate and important matters relating to a personal transformation, life challenge or free will.

Cards from the MINOR ARCANA (such as the suits of Wands, Pentacles, Swords, Aces and Cups) are not as important as those from the Major Arcana, but they are still significant on line. The cards from the Minor Arcana refer to the routine events of daily life. Each suit holds a different meaning, and each card in the suit carries distinct forecasting properties. The cards you are dealt can show you wands, pentacles, swords and cups of the Minor Arcana. Wands focus on your career and entrepreneurial activities.

  • If WANDS appear, they reveal business opportunities, new ventures or projects, or any other career growth or development. Pentacles refer to the material world - emphasizing money, property, power and inheritance.

  • If PENTACLES come up, they predict a time of giving or receiving, profit or loss, and interaction with tangible things. Swords reflect ideas, conversations and tension.

  • When SWORDS are dealt, expect a time where you may have an extra need for courage, reason, intelligence and justice. Cups reflect creative, romantic and intuitive situations.

  • When CUPS are present, they signify a time of romance, fertility, fantasy and harmony. They also indicate emotionally sensitive issues.

It is important to know that no two layouts are the same because no two people's futures are the same.

These cards and their meanings to you can be revealed in a free online personalized reading.

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