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Divinely Inspired Guidance intended to empower you to make the best choices for your Relationships, Career, and Personal Goals. Free of judgment, focused on truth and affirmation.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
Over 30 Years of Psychic Reading Experience

Spiritual Advisor * Clairvoyant * Clairaudient * Clairsentient
Tarot * Dream interpretation * Signs & Symbols * Life lessons
Simultaneous occurrences of events also known as synchronicity
Reiki and Crystal Healing
Approach to Topics
At the start of your reading, give me your first name and the first name of the person(s) you are inquiring about. Please have specific questions ready when you call/chat. I prefer not to do general readings.

* I DO NOT COMMIT TO TIMELINES / EXACT DATES AND TIMES as to WHEN a situation or event will occur. Every situation in one's life experience is unique where there is constant energy flow, change and free will.

* I speak the truth as I am Divinely guided. If you hear something that may not be to your liking, I will not give you false hopes, but I will do my best to deliver the message with sincerity.

* I believe in positive affirmation, law of attraction and manifestation. I do not believe in spells and curses, or any form of manipulation that interferes with Divine Order.

* If you ask a question that is intentionally misleading or to which you already know the answer, in other words "test the psychic", it will have a negative effect on your reading.

* If you are verbally abusive, belligerent or confrontational, I reserve the right to end your reading. If we experience technical difficulties where our phone call or chat window is abruptly disconnected after you've paid for your reading, please do not leave negative feedback. Customer service will compensate you for the inconvenience.

Copy this link onto your browser to read my blog, "Psychic Readings: Frequently Asked Questions":

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years or older. You have the choice to accept or reject the information given to you and to assume all responsibility for any action you take in regards to the situation. I am not a healthcare professional, so I am not qualified to diagnosis and suggest medical treatment nor do I predict pregnancy including a baby's gender and paternal parent. I am not a legal and financial advisor, so I am not qualified to offer legal counsel nor do I predict winning lottery tickets, stock market investments and sporting event outcomes.

"Our truest nature is Divine and our potentials are limitless." ~ A Course in Miracle
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