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What kind of messages are dreams trying to tell us? What do they mean? I can tune in with your energy field and create a safe, positive space to answer any questions you have about your dreams.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Past Lives
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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Aura Cleansing
I have been able to read people's energy fields from a very young age. I thought it was normal to see everything about a person but realized it wasn't the older I got. So I kept that part of me secret for a long time. When I finally came out of the psychic closet and accepted my gifts I started giving friends and family readings with Tarot cards and eventually I realized I didn't need the cards anymore. But I still love to use them if a client requests.
I became fascinated with psychics the older I got. I read books about psychics and mediums. I also found a book called In Search of the Healing Light. Wow! That book really got me on my spiritual path of healing with energy and realizing my psychic/intuitive gifts. I was also told by a phone psychic 12 years ago that I would be doing what she was doing and that my intuitive powers were well beyond hers! What?! that was crazy I thought. Well, she was right! I worked for a highly regarded psychic hotline for 4 years. I took a break from the hotline but not personal clients for the last few years but now am ready to share my insights and gifts again here on Keen.
I have been studying herbs, reiki, and other healing techniques throughout the years and will continue to do so. I am certified in Theta-Healing and Family Herbology.
It feels so freeing to be myself. Especially now that it's not so much woo woo stuff anymore. Science now can prove the abilities it takes to be psychic and intuitive.
I want to help guide you if you are ready and wanting to make big shifts in your life. That means looking within and clearing old patterns from familial lineage, childhood or past lives. These old patterns don't serve you now. They had a purpose before to get you through life and feel a sense of safety and keep you from getting hurt. I'm here to help clear these dysfunctional patterns and break down the walls so you can love and know you are always loved no matter what.
Approach to Topics
I always clear my energy field as well as my clients' before a reading. I can tune in with someone's energy field and receive information about their whole life going back to childhood and past lives. To get the quickest and clearest results requires trust and openness from my clients'. It's best before a reading you have all your questions written down and you are in a nice quiet place with no distractions.
My main goal is to help you understand why there is a dysfunctional pattern or wall up and help you clear and release it. It is up to you to make positives changes in your life and create what you want in your life. I am only here to guide you on your beautiful journey to peace, happiness and joy!
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