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Want to know who you'll marry?

Do you ever wonder, "Who will I marry?" Well, instead of wondering about marriage, take control and decide who you'll marry. We all want to be loved. It is a basic human need - and one of the nicer ones at that! And that need is satisfied, not by a fleeting flirtation or a passing infatuation, but by a deep and genuine emotional bond between you and your soul mate. You may feel like you are just sitting and waiting for love and marriage to come into your life, but it doesn't have to be that way!

To discover who you will marry, try candle magic, an ancient tradition for attracting true love and marriage. A candle is an excellent way to draw positive energy. When you are using a candle for magical purposes, it needs to be fairly substantial in size. A votive or taper just won't do the trick. The candle you use should be at least three inches wide and at least that tall. Six to eight inches in height is best. The color of the candle is important as well since this is a key regarding the kind of energy you will attract. If you are hoping to find a romantic marriage partner, pink is the color to use. If you are hoping for a passionate mate, you may want to choose bright red. Do not use dark red because it is the color for battles and could have the opposite effect. You might even want to burn both a pink candle and a bright red one together in order to get married to a truly passionate and devoted lover.

Before you burn your candle, you need to dress it. This is done with an essential oil. Good oils to use for love attraction and marriage are the floral scents of jasmine, rose, lavender, or gardenia. But if you don't have any essential oils, you can even use a few drops of olive oil. Start in the middle and rub upward in order to send your message out into the universe. Your candle should now be free of any negative energy. You need to concentrate on what you want while the candle is burning. You can help the energy along by writing your desire on a piece of paper and placing it under the candleholder. For example, you might write, "I'll find true love." Or, "I'll receive an image of my future spouse." Then hold that thought while burning the candle. Take our advice - this technique, as well as others, helps you find that special love partner.

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who will I marry? marriage forecast

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