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Miracles with Witt
Miracles with Witt
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Highly sought after~honest, quick, compassionate, accurate, powerful readings, I have over 33 yrs experience! I will help you with your complex relationship issues and questions. I also offer email readings...please ask!
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Welcome here, my name is Witt,
please read my reviews as they speak volumes,
I am an inherited psychic, empath and will connect to your energies very quickly, but to give a little background....my grandmother told me I had her gifts at a young age as I described in great detail an accident that was going to happen before it happened. As I remember, it was quite shocking at the time but that was just one of the thousands of things....
I started to hone in on these abilities and do private readings at the age of 18, now giving me over 33 years of experience..
I will guide you through any circumstance with time lines, truthfulness, absolute respect and kindness in an extremely gentle way.
I want to help reconnect you with that special person meant just for you and take action to repair the relationship that you were destined to be in as I guide you through the healing process.
I will give you down to earth guidance and insight into what he/she is thinking so you know what is going to happen next and can make a plan to move forward together.
I can tell you if he/she is a soul mate or twin flame.
I want you to feel the positive, truthful energies that I will share with you.
I do not sugar coat either, truthfulness only....but in a very compassionate way.
As I use my gifts to assist you, it is my sincere calling to be here for your joys and sorrows. I am ALWAYS here to help and serve, 365 days a year and not just to be a trusted advisor, but also to be a true friend.

Approach to Topics
Authentic Honest. Whatever your circumstance, I'll give you rational insight into the next best step in your journey. I want to inspire the shift and help you find peace!
I am here to help everyone search for their peace and wisdom to move forward in life.
In addition to chat, I also offer email readings, they are very detailed and inspirational since I have time to spell everything out~
Ask for pricing
I will send you a payment request, then you send me the questions that I will answer within 24 hours.
The payment request can be seen on a lap or desk top, if you are using a mobile device, you will have to go through your Chrome or Safari app, then type in Keen.com and you will see the payment request.

By viewing my Keen page you completely agree that the advice you receive is not to be substituted for any professional services you may need.
You also agree to absolutely indemnify and hold harmless "Miracles with Witt" in all areas.
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