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Moon Eagle
Moon Eagle
Past Life Beliefs, Channeled Q & A, Soul Healing
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We can always get down to the bottom belief at the heart of your query. You may have beliefs that don't serve, missing feelings or even entities. We can do it all and more. Past life regressions are often how we get there.
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I have been a ThetaHealing Practitioner for 9 years now. I am also an ordained Isis High Priestess and channel for the Divine. ThetaHealing is an amazing tool at the core of most of the work I do! I see visions in my mind's eye while I witness what requires our attention. I am comfortable with body scans, calling guides, guardians and messengers of light and also calling Isis, calling back soul fragments, healing the broken soul, sending love to baby in the womb (baby of any age). If you would like to take a journey to talk to your guides through guided journey, I can facilitate that. I can guide you or you can do question and answer sessions with your guide. I don't prefer to do future readings or call your human ancestors.
Approach to Topics
I take a gentle understanding approach but I don't omit anything that I receive. I will find a soft way to deliver it to you. I will offer you a depth of connection and understanding that you will cherish and find very meaningful. I plan to inspire you as well. When muscle testing virtually, I can teach you how to test on your own but my muscle testing is tried, tested and true. It will save time.
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