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Morgana LaFay
Morgana LaFay
Intuitive Support for all matters of the heart!
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I can help if you are lost, disappointed, hurt or needing answers, find peace of mind, happiness. Call me today for a brighter tomorrow.
Since I was a young girl, I have been experiencing intuitions and messages from other spiritual realms, after awhile, I realized I could use these intuitions and messages to communicate beyond this world. Throughout the years, I have enhanced my learning of this craft through my studies and mediation.

Qualifications: Ordained Minister 2002, renewed June 2016, Registered with The Awareness Institute as a Certified Psychic Reader at the Universal Ministers School of Theology of Psychic, Certified Parapsychology/EVP Technician, Criminal Psychic Profiler, Member of the American Ghost Society, featured in the Who's Who- in Executives and Professionals Registered at the Library of Congress in Washington D.c the year 2002.
Approach to Topics
Relationships are as complex as the emotions we each carry – why not have the guidance and insight you need on the spot? I am able to clearly read the future of an existing relationship,
any upcoming relationships, and even old flames.

If you are curious about whether a partner is cheating, whether or not you and a particular person are moving forward, or even if you and they are compatible or genuine in their feelings – I can read this for you and so much more. Intentions can sometimes be buried in poor behavior – leaving you confused and unsure of one’s feelings, if this feels like your situation, a session with me will bring you the clarity you need to not only understand your partner, but the status of the relationship and overall direction.

I quickly connect with the guides I have and use my gifts alongside their clear answers to expose the truth that one carries, the direction things will go, and the best option to take.

I am direct in my readings and will tell you what is laid out clearly in front of me, no stories or fairytales about you and a relationship so please be open and prepared for answers. Although blunt, I am a compassionate reader and have been using my gifts for years to help in relationships and beyond.

I work with direct questions and first names; that is all I need from you in order to read for you and quickly connect to the answers. I do not need your D.O.B’s or astrological signs.

I look forward to reading for you, unmasking the truth and giving you all information you need to make the choices that best fit you.
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