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Magnetoreception Energy Readings
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Not every reading will be perfect but it will be real and honest. I put 100% of my energy into each reading. No tool, No Tarot,
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Evil always attacks the innocent because the innocent is an easy target and evil is weak and scared.
Miri is my nick name for Miriam. Pronounced My Ree In Hebrew. I am told it means blessing as Miri and a downpour of blessings as Miriam spelled Mem Mem, it is my real name given to me at birth and not a screen name. It took me more than 50 years to adjust to it.

I grew up with an occult healing back street mother. Way too young I saw amazing things, yet coming from people who were far from Holy even though they used a Judaeo based foundation. By the age of 6 I needed to know how they made it work. When they told me it was through being holy while they were condemning people whose only crime was to be different or dress different I knew they were lying. I had to find the truth, at that early age I was sure it would save my mother from lyres.
More than 50 years later I could have earned so many degrees :) but still I look for the door way of eternal life.
Here are some facts I have learned that are unchangeable truth.
You create your own path, God, angels and guides help you but it is all yours to create as you wish. Any guide telling you what to do is not your guide but someone else's sent with their instructions. You choose to listen or not. Your own guides do not instruct you but you instruct them.
Karma is not enacted by God or the universe but by the people themselves. If karma was an outside force there would be no serial killers, they would have been erased on the first kill. Because they truly feel no remorse and likely justified they do not punish themselves with karma.
Guilt is ten times more powerful than love. Love does not fix anything, it only enables what is already.
Approach to Topics
This form of reading is not perfect, it rely's on nature and natural surroundings. Magnetoreception is the physical ability to see and translate energy fields of very low telsa. approximately 30 to 60 millionths of one tesla, that tiny bit over 60 millionths of one tesla is residue left by a living event. I use trance and breaking this trance will end our call.
There is a place just before the Akashic records that the records are created, changed and/or erased. It is that place I do my readings from. I could care less what the spirits have to say or what the angels have to say. God says nothing till the recording is made. That is where your information is coming from.
I use our greeting to connect with you,Once I get a view of you and your energy together I can see a path out in front of you. Then when you mention what is it you want to talk about or when I ask to see it, the connection starts to show. I tell you what I see there. I try not to translate because everything there is personal to you and you alone and has meaning that relates to your life and no one else's. I look at the path that lays out in front of you and with your help call to the events on that path that we need to look at. I am in trance when this is done and have little control over the outcome. I see what I see and I tell you, together or just you can come up with ideas that will change the outcome if it needs changing. Its likely a better idea if you come up with your own changes, cause I have a different reasoning then most. But in the end it is you and only you who decides the finished creation. I whisper instructions to my self as to what and where to go . Its not that I am talking to low. I try to keep things on more of a friend level so its easier for me to get past your own protections.
I cannot see anything not already created by the past.
The full talent came from Keen users who helped me develop a way to target and see a clear picture of the energy.
My timing is not even close to perfect. I see in distance and events.
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