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The Soulmate Specialist
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I get to the heart of the matter with matters of the heart.
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I am a natural-born psychic intuitive Tarot card reader. I have been reading for people for close to two decades. Love and relationships are my specialty. I am the Soulmate Specialist.

I have my own history of failed relationships and picking the wrong partner. I have story upon story about men who cheated on me, said they weren't ready for a relationship, "it's not you, it's me," blah, blah, blah.Therefore, I know what it's like to be in a lot of pain in regards to love. However, the truth is, it WAS me. I was the common denominator in all my relationship problems. After 6 years, countless hours and thousands of dollars spent on my own personal healing, I was able to make better choices, have more power around relationships and release the chains keeping me captive. These experiences made me a better Tarot reader and better able to understand what people in similar situations were going through.

Although I was born with my gifts, I have spent close to 20 years studying metaphysics and improving my myself as a reader. It's like going to the gym or playing an instrument -- the more you practice and work at it, the better you become! I'm very grateful for my psychic abilities as they have brought numerous people comfort and peace as well as a chance to heal. I have helped people regain their faith and hope as well as showing them that there is always a choice and another path available. I'm grateful for the opportunity to read for you and bring some clarity in your life!
Approach to Topics
Using my psychic gifts, I am able to see what is causing blockages in your life and why your relationship may not be going as smoothly as you would like. My readings are straightforward yet compassionate however I need to warn you that I do not tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what Spirit WANTS you to know. So if you are the kind of person that doesn't want to hear the truth, I am not the right reader for you.

Messages can be humorous, sometimes serious, but always delivered in a kind and loving way. I, myself, have experienced readers who told me what I wanted to hear and it doesn't do you any favors. I have too much integrity to lie to you and give you false hope.

All I ask is that you be open to the messages that you receive. Sometimes your reading may not make sense at the present moment but will so with the passage of time.

My mission is to empower women who have a history of crappy relationships and encourage them to heal their emotional wounds, reclaim their power, rewrite their story and have the relationship of their dreams!

Whether or not your believe in soul mates or Twin Flames, deep and lasting love is available to you! However, the change starts with YOU. Hoping your partner or everyone else will change is not the answer. I have helped hundreds of people attract healthy, lasting relationships and I would love to help YOU!
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