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If you allow time to pass; any heart can heal. If you allow patience, you can climb the mountain faster than you think. You will make less mistakes with an easy does it approach.
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My gifts were with me from childhood. Telepathy and dream prophecy was what initiated the spark. My mom and aunt would always get chills when I would tell them my dreams with confidence and then they would manifest. I began to verbalize this at about 7 years of age, though the prophecy started earlier. I always knew things. I learned to be a remote viewer. I have been an empath all my life and have the ability to see deeper than most into the truth and the future. There have been many, but many stories of accuracy from my readings. I was once offered a million dollars to be the poster girl of a psychic line - but declined. I am not in this for fame, but for the love of the art and the love of helping others.
Approach to Topics
My approach is spiritually based, it is not based on alchemy. I trust a higher divinity; namely that of God. I am Christian based. And do believe in the teachings of Christianity. I hope this does not exclude other faiths from contacting me. I am here to help those that are seeking. I am non judgmental. I prefer a pointed question to start the reading. Nothing general at first. At times I may ask questions; if I do; be patient as this is a form of the reading. If you are impatient, you will block the flow of answers that will come forth. I have a rare gift that can not be pushed. I will help as much as I can but I do not allow anyone to control my reading. It is my gift that I am sharing, and though you may say it is your money; which I respect; I must stay true to the process which needs you to allow some space as I read. We need to respect each other for the best outcome. Imagine meditating, being in a very still, vulnerable state and an alarm sounds. You would feel jolted and for a second, panic. That is exactly what it feels like when a client is harsh, impatient or angry while the psychic channel opens. I give a lot of free minutes to those who are loyal customers.
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