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Spirit Readings by Cody
Spirit Readings by Cody
Psychic Cody-Guidance, Insight, and Light
10 minutes for $1.99
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Spirit Messages, Predictions and Angelic light for your journey. You are not alone.
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I have been In-tune with spirit all of my life. I remember having very vivid dreams which I figured out later were actually experiences in other realms. I always found a lot of comfort and peace during times spent in thought while out in nature. During my 20s after going through a few major health challenges in when I started to realize it was my purpose to help others. One of the things I would do is I would envision white light around me and send it to people when I was out and about. I had no idea it was a modality of energy healing until later. It just brought me a lot of peace whenever I envisioned this white light.

During this time I also began going through a spiritual initiation by connecting with teachers and learning from other healers, seers and gifted souls that have done this type of work.

I have studied many different spiritual paths but the main thing I have found to be true is it all comes down to love. That deep knowing that we are not alone and we have many helpers that come in different forms.

On the ancestral side my moms side is Native American that comes from the red cliff reservation in Wisconsin. I know there is a natural energy that is able to pour through me both from ancestors and from the cosmic light.
Approach to Topics
I am a channel. This means I can pick up on the energy around you and relay that information in a way which will help you on your path. As a channel for spirit I also share messages that your angels, guides and sometimes loved ones want you to hear. Being a channel is a little different because I tend to get a flood of information at once. This also means I am very sensitive to emotions so if you come in the reading frustrated, upset or angry please place the intention before connecting that you are willing to release that. By doing this my guides can easier deliver the messages and send some gentle light towards you.

Take time to reflect on my approach to readings

Please ask clear, specific and grounded questions. Just asking what someone thinks, how they feel, will be difficult for me to tune in. Sharing a little bit about the situation and asking where the energy is going would be a much better question.

When it comes to feelings I do not always pick up on another's feelings because I read the energy around a given situation. Sometimes feelings can come through but t find asking about where a situation is going is a better approach during a reading.

Predictions and time frames| I do get predictions and sometimes time frames but this really depends on what I am receiving when you are coming to me for a reading. Sometimes it may be more guidance rather than a prediction. But most importantly each reading is channeled so I always let go so my own thoughts don't get in the way. Please do not bombard my energy asking more questions than I can tune into at once. This creates a clash in the flow of the reading

Spirit Mediumship Reading| Find out what your guides, angels or loved ones in spirit want to share with you. For this I will do my best to deliver those messages. This will be done by Email. $40

Akashic records. Learn about your souls history, your gifts and who you are at your core. For this reading it will be through email $35.

Chakra and Spiritual Empowerment Channeling. This will be taking a look at your chakras and seeing if there are any blocks, how to release them and what guides you have working with you. This is good if your wondering where your spiritual journey is at. $30 through email.

We can really look at any topic as long as it is not against the terms of keen. NO medical, or legal issues.

No general readings please.

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