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Master Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot Reader 8 years of ex. Please don't call for 2 to 10 minutes & talk the whole time w/out taking a break then expect a detailed reading in 2 minutes it's not possible.Read my bio first
Past Lives Money/Prosperity Destiny/Life Path Career/Work Love/Relationships
Skills & Methods
Tarot Remote Viewing Clairvoyant Aura Cleansing Clairaudient
I have been reading consistently &
accurately for those in government &- all areas of entertainment- I have a solid reputation amongst them.Plan on a minimum 15 minute reading & be honest & don't call to test my ability I am a medium I & can talk to your higher soul & know when customers are being direct & honest I also do email readings & chat. Even though I have set hours I cannot always be logged on- I do special appts on request. When I do readings I have a different ways to use gifts to tune in.I can talk w/the higher the soul of a client w/out tarot and I use medium when the other side knows they can come through, I can channel information through music, drawing,even writing a person name.I use tarot as a tool most often but the other side will give information when needed.I don't give exact dates because of outside influences but can give details my readings aren't passive.I also use my abilites to see in film,tv,pictures to reveal what is different forms of energy,symbols,occult practices,even see those who have crossed over.
Approach to Topics
Rare real honest straight forward readings w/clarity and compassionate and I'm very blunt remeber psychics when you know exactly what
No judgement nor false expectations & won't waste your time or money if there is no connection don't vent in 10 mintues and then expect a massive readings expecting to get people fired or arrestted or cause chaos in someone's life out of boredom ask questions about what u want and feel you and the reading will be clearer.
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