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"Trinity is hands down the best " Have you ever experience a magical miracle ?I have seen many have you? Have you ever ever experienced peace of mind , energy within your soul , magical moments all at the same time?
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I was born gifted as a reader , I have both sides of my family that have gifts as well . I have worked for over 19 years as a gifted reader and enjoy being able to help you people in their daily walks of life. My strong points When I do my readings are love and relationship , dream interpretations, I do channeling , mediumship , and other connections with spirit . I do my best to help you find lost loved ones when it comes to love there is nothing more important then that . People Say that when I do readings for them My predictions continuously come to pass.
Approach to Topics
I offer spiritual Cleansing and Chakra balancing, Love and Soulmate sessions/ Advice , Body mind and soul cleansing , by appointment only.

As a gifted reader I do my best to make sure that you as my client goes home happy . During my readings I use no tools and I do my readings with eyes closed . If you are on the chat system I take a moment to ask my guides help me figure out What you are needing . When I do use tools it is tarot cards however I do not feel that I need to use them . I also use candle energy and meditation to help connect better with what you are wanting. I do not normally do General readings I ask for you to come prepared with what you want to know . I do not need date of birth but sometimes can be used in readings. I only need your name and date of birth and whatever you are wanting to know . I do my best to help you on your path and find the solution to what you are asking . I offer special to repeat callers . Ask during reading how to get special offers .
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