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Soulmate Reader 2002

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Psychic Ann is born under the astrological sign Scorpio (The sign of psychic energy).
Ann realized at the age of 5 that she had the spiritual gift of feeling the emotions of people. She developed her spirituality through her teens, enhancing her psychic gifts: clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentience. Her psychic abilities became stronger and she was able to see things and visualize the future.

Psychic Energy reading consist of channeling spirit guides, using Tarot cards and crystals to give the most accurate answers with all love relationships. By picking up the Soulmate energy you can create a spiritual karma balance.


During a psychic reading, Ann sees visions and hears messages from the spirit guides around you and will reveal situations ready to happen or how to avoid an obstacle.

Psychic Ann picks up the energy and messages at a fast pace, remotely receiving information from the guides and interpreting the messages for you.

There is no psychic that is 100% accurate with timeframes. By feeling the energy, Psychic Ann has been very accurate for getting a spiritual sense, an approximate time (if possible) of the situation and where it is headed.

We are all sent in each lifetime to grow and learn, things can happen sometimes for a reason and can not be be revealed through a psychic reading session.

We all have free will and choices to make in our lives, with the energy around your situation, Psychic Ann will help spiritually guide you to make the most positive one.

Psychic Ann helps you to discover the truth about someone, the purpose of your love relationship, learn if there is a potential future or is it time to move on. Find out if someone from the past is meant to return.

Psychic Ann guides you spiritually to find out if you are with your soulmate, twinflame or when you will find your true soul connection.

Psychic ann uses tarot cards, crystals and claivoynace to give the most detailed and accruate psychic love reading to help guide you to your soulmate or twinflame, you learn who is your soulmate, what is a true soulmate and where to find your true soulmate or twinflame

Psychic Ann specialties are
Spirituality, Love & Soulmate Relationship Areas
Please Note Business related questions are not my specialty but Psychic Ann helps you with your decisions for a prosperous future.
Please read my blog for more information about Soumate and Twinflame connections

Call Psychic ann now on keen through a psychic phone reading or psychic chat reading on
Call Psychic ann now on keen through a psychic phone reading or psychic chat reading on

If Soulmate reader is unavailable please arrange a call. Keen will connect you when she is available. You can also call one from a highly recommend group of top rated Psychics


Please be advised you must have an open mind. Sometimes the truth may not be what you want to hear, Psychic Ann will tell you the way it is and how to avoid the obstacles, knowing the consequences that may be involved. Psychic Ann is not responsible for the events that occur with freewill and choices you make. Psychic Ann will not sugar coat a situation and will help guide you spiritually through the changes needed for a positive outcome.

Giving inaccurate info to test psychics will lead to an inaccurate psychic reading,
Psychic Ann is not a speed reader and answer questions with details in 3 minutes

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