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I am an intuitive healer with a background in social work, counseling, spiritual practice, holistic and traditional wellness.

I am claircognizant, empathic and highly visionary. I work via feeling, knowing and channeling. Relationships and life path are my strong suits. My great grandmother was psychic and I always had a special connection to her. I have always been attuned to the feelings and behaviors of others along with an ability to just "know" and see things from a sort of "above" like perspective. This world and how it conditions people can be very harsh, confusing and disorienting. I am here to help how I can.

I am a healer and use my gifts- sensibilities, wisdom and channeling from Spirit to help make sense of experiences, feelings and events in your life, higher purpose to your life and how to attune to more harmony and alignment with your soul.

We have many paths we elect to go down. Every choice, even thought we make impacts our next forward trajectory. No matter what happens we can always find the eye of the storm and elect to find a way to control what we can and empower ourselves to learn, grow, create and allow more Light going forward.

Sometimes we just need to be seen, heard, received, loved and encouraged by a neutral benevolent soul. I keep my rates low so that you have less pressure to rush through a reading and can take your time to express and be heard.

My gift has always been to hone in on what is at the root of current trials and transgressions and offer insight of your souls higher calling to help reroute to a more empowering path truer to your signature self.

My gift is not making predictions. When calling me please release attachment to predictions. At times, yes, I can see or sense a line of future trajectory, but this is not my strong suit. I feel quite uncomfortable making predictions, and part of the reason is because it is ultimately contrary to the medicine I carry or the work that I am here to do- which is healing and personal empowerment. I help best by picking up on patterns, essence of a soul, disparity between our lower human self and higher soul self, helping to channel messages of higher guidance of truth that your soul wants to get through to you to help relieve your suffering and guide you onto your highest path.

I am here to feel into the energy of your personhood and circumstances and help you understand past present and create your future from your hearts authentic desire. And I have come to understand I have a unique gift, something different than a typical psychic, to offer. There is a time and place for everything. I just want you to know how I am different and what I can do for you.

I am a spiritual mentor and change agent here to help you heal and transcend. So please I hope read through this carefully because I am here to help not take you for an unnecessary ride. My time and energy are precious and I come on here only periodically, as I have full time endeavors doing my work at a brick and mortar. Please know I am very busy like most other people so when I come on here it is because I feel called. I make the effort to do so in sacred space and to serve. I am incredibly honest and straightforward about what I can help with and what I cannot because I do not wish to take advantage of anyone's precious resources. So please honor me with as much curiosity, respect and gratitude as I honor and greet you. Take the time to look into the individual specialties of advisors and call the right person for the right job. Take the time to review them accordingly so as to help others receive the help they need, too.

We have a job as a collective to create accountability to a higher way of being. Let's be gracious and kind and remember advisors on here are human and most often are here to serve a higher way of being on this planet and ultimately to help ease your suffering.

I am here to help. Bless you. Kindly, Dahlia

Approach to Topics
I am honest and a good balance of compassionate and direct.

I care about your highest good, personal growth and empowerment.

I understand how helpful and comforting spiritual insight can be. I am here and honored to help. And if I cannot, I will say so.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Accurate · 2
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