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Would you like an accurate, honest loving clairvoyant reading? I'd love to give you one. I have 20+ years experience as a certified clairvoyant and energy healer. No tools or birthdates needed.
L I V E • C H A T • R E A D I N G

For live chat readings, please email for availability.

E M A I L • R E A D I N G

For email readings:

1. Email and let me know the number of questions you have. My fee per question is $25 . An example of a question is, "Do you see my career being successful?" No questions within a question please. This is not an example of a question: "Do you see my career being successful and if so when?" That is actually two questions.

2. When I receive your email with the number of questions, I will send you a "pay to view" email.

3. Pay the fee in the email and reply with your questions.

4. I will provide your email reading within 24 hours after receipt of payment and questions. My answers range from 100 - 250 words per question.

5. I will answer 1 follow up question/clarity at no additional charge per paid email reading.

E N E R G Y • C H E C K • A U R A • C L E A N S I N G • H E A L I N G

For email energy healing:

1. Email me your request for energy healing.

2. I will send you a pay to view email. My energy healings are $55

3. Pay the fee in the fee in the email and reply with any concerns you may be having.

4. I will provide the energy healing within 24 hours of payment and include an email summary of what came up during the healing. My email summary of healings range from 150+ words and cover each chakra.

5. I will answer 1 follow up question/clarity per paid energy healing.

A B O U T • M E

Hello! My name is Tania. I’ve been providing professional psychic readings for more than 20 years. Giving psychic readings started as a loving hobby. Over the years it has become my job and I love it.

I was born a natural clairvoyant. I remember my first psychic experience when I was 4 years old. One night before falling asleep, I saw my guardian angel. I remember the feeling of immense love and feeling safe. While I never saw him (he seemed like a he to me) again I feel him all the time.

I didn't have another psychic experience until I was 11. While walking home from school one day, I had a vision of a baby blanket in the back seat of my neighbor's car. I somehow knew her 2 year old daughter had been missing it, and that the household was frantically looking for it all day. I went to her house and told her I saw the baby's blanket in her car. She thanked me but I knew she thought it was odd and probably wondered how I knew it had been misplaced.

I continued to have consistent visions and eventually went to a psychic school where I learned to mediate, control my gift, clear chakras, give psychic readings and I received a certification.

I live a pretty normal life with my husband, our son and goofy black lab. I very much believe in God, and that we are all connected. Often when people who don't know me very well learn I give psychic readings they are super surprised 😜.
Approach to Topics
My philosophy has been pretty straight forward since the beginning: be honest and genuine. I don't use tarot cards or any other tools; but just ask your name during a reading.

I love what I do, and I'm so grateful for the support I've gotten.

Please email me for information on my energy check / aura cleansing reading.
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