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Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairvoyant Empath Medium Tarot
My area of expertise includes:
Ordained Metaphysical Minister/Practioner
Usui Reiki Master and Kemetic Reiki Practioner
Radio Host
Business Owner
Certified Medium
Retreat Host and much much more...
Approach to Topics
My approach is complex but yet effective. To give you a synopsis, I would like to express a few facts about my work, as it is imperative that this is understood before we proceed with the reading.

A.) Being an intuitive Guide does not negate my counseling abilities when giving a reading. So during the reading, I may give a spiritual perspective or a counseling one, or both. It depends on what Spirit guides me to do. I'm also a graduate of the University Of IMM Metaphysics Ministry Doctoral program. In my practice, intuitive counseling, life coaching and or ministry services are all in one. They serve the same purpose and I utilize my gifts and calling on all accounts. I will not dismiss them. When spirit calls for me to use them, I will honor that calling.

B.) General Readings are great. However, what happens here is when, "Spirit, The Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestor's, The Higher-Self, God or whatever term you feel comfortable calling infinite spirit, will allow us mediums to deliver messages in the order in which they're being received. So when you ask, "What is in my future regarding my love life?" You may get a short, long, or partial answer depending on what's for you to hear. For whatever reason, it was meant for you that way. Secondly, when you are scattered and not sure about a particular subject, the message you'll receive will most likely relate to that energy before you get to hear what you really want.

C. If you do not understand something, ask questions rather than abort a chat or call. Ask for clarification and if it's not understood at the time, pray that in time the meaning will be given to you in a way in which you can relate to. This is better than automatically deeming a message to be wrong, and it cost less too. Sometimes our Ego won't allow us to accept anything that may reflect our conscious choice, so we quickly shun advise given.

D. Be clear in what you're asking. Don't be afraid to explain what is really going on in your life. Even if it's "you" that's counting flaws. Every medium is different and for me, I don't believe in being partial to get a full reading. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it just doesn't. A lot depends on your openness.

There seems to be a misconception that a reader is supposed to give you everything in one meeting, chat or call. However, I don't blame you! I blame TV and what people collectively misunderstand about psychic abilities. The best advice I can give you is to be open and honest. Stay out of the "Testing" zone. That will only lead you to a "DEAD END!". More importantly, it establishes mistrust in the beginning and that leads to WASTED MONEY AND TIME. So relax, be open, be honest and allow me to give you what you need. Ok, now that that's clear, let's move on...

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