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Aspiring Dawn the Medium
Aspiring Dawn the Medium
Explaining the Bible thru Love, not Fear!!
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Answering questions about God and the Bible to help others understand and see his Love and to inspire miracles in their own lives. Let's choose Joy! This is a place of healing, not debate.
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For the past 30 years I have researched various religions and belief systems from the East to the West. I have experienced a personal transformation as a result of my many, many years of learning, experiencing, loving and losing. The Bible is probably one of the most misunderstood and mistranslated books that I know of. Sadly it is these misunderstandings that keep so many people from seeing the light and love that God provides. They block you from seeing the Miracles that occur every day in our lives and it keeps us stuck in a world that is man-made and temporary. It is my hope to share what I know to help others accept the love, peace, joy, happiness and prosperity that is every person's God-given right on this planet.
Approach to Topics
Through the use of my gifts and giving readings over the years I've gained information and knowledge that I would not have gained otherwise. By connecting to people who have passed I get a little window into their world and a better understanding of what's to come. Most of my knowledge is in the area of spirituality and how different belief systems and religions affect us. So join me on a journey to take a fresh, open-minded look at one of the most important books in our history.
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