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Aura Chakra cleansing, Occult coaching
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Occult readings for spell work progress and coaching, hex/curse removal. Aura and Chakra cleansing. Energy rejuvenation meditation. Shadow readings.
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Aura Cleansing
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I have been a practicing healer and psychic for over 15 years. I have been ordained in occult practices. I preform healing for aura and chakra cleansing, energy rejuvenation medication, and affirmations. I provide occult readings for shadow work, spell progress and coaching, bathing rituals coaching, and hex/curse removal reading.
Approach to Topics
I provide in depth occult psychic readings using , tarot and oracle cards, scrying, and crystals. For readings and cleansing it is preferred that you are in a quiet and calm place. Be prepared with your questions, symptoms, and background information. If you are receiving coaching be prepared to take notes.

CURSE/HEX REMOVAL READING: I will advise you as to whether or not you have been hexed. I will also advise if a bath ritual is needed or if you need to seek help from a spiritual healer.
AURA and CHAKRA CLEANSING: I provide distance healing to remove negative energy and residue from your aura. I also provide meditation to remove negative energy from your chakras. ***Chakra cleansing can take more than one session
SPELL WORK PROGRESS and COACHING: I provide guidance on the progress of spells. I will inform you if further work is needed. *You may send me pictures of candle magick via email. (This is a separate reading unless you are being provided a progress reading or coaching.)
SHADOW WORK: I will assist you with working through anxiety, depression, phobias, fear, etc. I will provide a reading to reveal you subconscious fear. Turn those things which you most dislike about yourself into likeable qualities.
ENERGY REJUVENATION MEDICATION and AFFIRMATIONS: I will guide you through meditation to rejuvenate and unblock your energy flow.
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