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I offer life guidance through the tarot. I can offer you valuable insight and advice, as well as accurate evidence. I have almost all known psychic abilities, and have given around 22,000 readings to date.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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I have listed my services under spiritual readings as I have a strong spiritual path myself, and can address those issues in addition to everyday concerns.

In 1999 I found myself discovering, quite spontaneously, that I had all kinds of psychic abilities. Over the next year, I attended some classes at the local spiritualist church, and friends and strangers began having readings with me, frequently appearing 'out of nowhere' to do so. When I told people things about themselves I wasn't supposed to know, I often met with praise for the accuracy and even unnerving detail, of the information. On one memorable occasion, a friend backed out of the room, as my smile had taken on the appearance of her mother. Spirit guides and other phenomena sometimes appeared, and my clients and I had many amazing experiences which I can hardly begin to recount here.

In the year 2,000, I began my career as a professional psychic, giving readings in person. From 2001, I began giving readings by telephone. I am now experienced in almost every psychic art, and have given some 22,000 consultations to the public, both in the UK, and abroad.
Approach to Topics
I am a natural clairvoyant, and take my work seriously. This means that I allow the reading to be given to me, and then offer it to you. I cannot control what type of abilities I may use, nor predict the contents in any way.

My readings discuss topics such as work, business, money, relationships, health, family concerns, unusual experiences, spirituality and so on, with intelligence and compassion. For example, if you ask me about a relationship, I may give you a prediction, but it is equally likely that you will be given, through me, an accurate description of a situation, and how you feel about it. This information should not only convince you that you are hearing from a true clairvoyant, but should also make your pathway very clear to you.

I may move in and out of clairvoyance, clairsentience, channeling, and other abilities. I do not find these abilities work well on demand from a client, but work best when the information is allowed to flow naturally. I use the tarot for my readings as it allows me to focus my mind. I simply lay the cards out in a straight row in front of me, because that is what a modern computer desk allows. Neither the cards I use, nor the way in which I use them, will affect the reading in any way. This is simply my preferred method. I generally make no reference to the book meanings of the cards, unless I see something particularly significant which involves them. I simply tell you what I see.

I like to think I am personable, friendly and chatty, and like all people, I work best in a relaxed atmosphere.
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