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Diamond Light
Diamond Light
Native American Lightworker
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I can help you interpret what your guides are trying to tell you. I can give you the message you have been hearing in whispers loud and clear. LGBTQIA+ friendly *Over 700 Readings on Keen*
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I came to keen as a Tarot Reader.

The profile is still up, but because I no longer use Tarot Cards, so I am moving all of my clients here

When I first started reading here on Keen, I was making the mistake, of tapping into the energy of people, without asking for permission.

My lame excuse for doing that, is that I was trying to be fast.

Someone calls in, they ask about the boyfriend, he has a wife, all of a sudden we find ourselves in her energy.

I don't do that anymore. Now for each and every person who my energy touches, I ask them for permission to tap into their energy.

Most of the time, they say yes.

They do, however, control how much they allow you to see, and what message the other person receives.

For example, one time, I received a call. This lady wanted to know if her boyfriend was going to leave his wife.

When I asked the wife for permission to look into things from her perspective she said: "No!

"You tell that woman that this is my husband and I don't care If I love him or hate him, or treat him nice or treat him like a dog, he is mine.

"And I will make sure through my life and my lineage that she never gets him.

It was very strong energy, and gave a very powerful message to my caller.

Please do note that injures spouses (the ones who are being cheated on) don't always feel that way. Sometimes they are relieved.

Since that day, it became clear to me that I no longer needed the cards to tap into energies.

I used them sparingly for a while, as I was a "Tarot Reader" but then slowly stopped using them at all.

Intuition is a gift yes, but it is also a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Approach to Topics
When we connect, I welcome you, establish the connection, and listen to your request.

If you want a "general reading" just say so, and I will download a message from your guides.

Once you have stated your request, I tap into the energy of the situation, and start downloading messages for you.

I ask permission of those involved, and ask for their input.

Then I give you your messages.

It is a conversation of course, sometimes you'll need more details. I can give them.

Sometimes there will be more questions. I can answer them.

Sometimes we will tap in to old pains. You can heal them.

I look forward to chatting with you.
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