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Eye of Cheryl

390 readings since 2002
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Highly Respected and Sought After Psychic
People call me from all over the World! Let us discover the keys to unlocking your Love and living your dream. Anything you can imagine is possible if only you will believe. Call me. Let me give you the power.
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About Me
About Me
I have Loved and I have Lost Love. I've been the other woman and I've been cheated on. I know your pain. Even with all my training in being a psychic ... it still hurts. When we talk, it's about YOU. Let's work together and be friends. I'll be here
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
When we speak, I feel your energy and am given visions, hear messages and become empathic with your heart center. If you are hurting from Love I can feel that and can often "see" the other people in your life. I will be your remote emotional support.