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JULY 2016 Keen gave Babaji"Joyful Soul"Award*World Renowned Genius Medium*Fun Luv Lafter Guru*Babajiz Blessing Grace*Akashic Prophetic Vision/Ancient Brilliant Wisdom*Expert twin flame uniter*Super Accurate Prediction
Love/Relationships Women’s Issues Breakups/Divorce Infidelity Past Lives
Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Clairaudient Empath Medium Aura Cleansing
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Guruji HH Prophet Babaji is a Tantric yogi sage in natural state who has served people worldwide using his spiritual gifts. He traveled globally, meeting humans from all races, creeds, nationalities and social backgrounds to uplift and inspire them to achieve spiritual and physical excellence. He also is a superb beast master/pet whisperer and has an uncanny connection with all animals. He has the wisdom and compassion to help all beings who approach him with a humble and sincere heart.
He has been a KEEN BLOG TALK RADIO HOST since 1 May 2016 to give free spiritual/love & relationship advice on air.


Babaji is amazing he deserves all the stars in the galaxy

The best there is ever. I really mean it, I have never experienced someone w/so much knowledge & insight. He is the most superior advisor I have ever spoken to. Babaji is a must call. TY U R truly the best

Babaji is compassionate, patient & his visions came true. He is honest & very professional at the same time. Best of the best

The most amazing & incredible advisor ever on Keen. Babaji is the absolute best Ty 4 all UR insight. I luv U xo

WOW BANG ON ACCURATE ONCE AGAIN. I've never felt so rewarded talking to His Highness Grandmaster Babaji. Every penny is worth it. He just tuned in while i was still introducing myself. All that came out was the truth. Amazing power. I wish I could have his support as my Guru through my spiritual development. Much Love xo:)

Babaji is definitely my Guru. He always has pearls of wisdom to bestow, not just basic answers. His insights are always more about me as an individual than about a situation or person and it surely helps my spiritual growth. He's been a great friend and spiritual godfather. Much love

WOW Ty It happened as you saw it

My guru, spiritual father, and friend. Tnx a lot U always say just the right things, in the right way that my spirit needs to receive it. He makes so much sense

The best amazing wonderful advisor who is always there for me with lots of love

Babaji is so real & a true gem. I am astounded by his accuracy, connection & insights TY greatly, I appreciate u Namaste

Excellent as usual. Super valuable info. His advice is so needed & spot on. Love him

Babaji is the most accurate intuitive reader I've ever read with. He nailed everything & everyone to the T. He just knows! It's the most informative reading I've ever had

U R definitely a God send to me. U've been on this journey w/ me 4 a while. He helped me keep my sanity, his wisdom & insights mean everything.Much love & gratitude Thanks so much Babaji

He was spot on. First off he knew my race, my man's profession, his personality & even the exact phrase he says all the time. That's impossible unless you are gifted. I screamed when he said that

OMG I called Guruji HH Prophet Babaji a year ago. He remembered me. What he told me that I didn't like or accepted before was confirmed by another psychic my mother took me to. I called him back to see if it would still show up in my predictions and it did. I will def. call him again

Babaji is an excellent reader & knows everything. Even before I opened my mouth he shocked me w/ details that no one knew about

WOW wonderful/amazing Indian man, knew everything w/o me saying anything & gave me such great insights to my situation. Loved his soft voice & quick on point answers TY Great read


Very impressed ty 4 ur support. I know I can trust u 4 the truth

Babaji is truly the most gifted of all advisors. He is my go to person for the highest of spiritual advice. Thank you as always for helping me understand what I cannot see. You are amazing

HE is superb & amazing. He tells u before u ask him

Ur insight R always accurately on pt

Babaji is a truly gifted man. He is very intuitive with my life situation & gave me something very desirable to look forward to. I really appreciate and love the best talk I ever had.Thank you:)XOXOXO
Approach to Topics
Prophet Babaji's approach is most powerful, direct, compassionate, accurate and highly effective. He uses NO tools. Instead, he uses laughter as the greatest healer. Prophet Babaji is gifted with yogic powers and has given aura/chakra balancing/cleansing, clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient readings, created empathic connections with others, both living and deceased, and gives ancient prophetic visions and wisdom from akashic records which are dead on accurate in absolute truth. Prophet Babaji also generously gives FREE live readings on air through his radio show, "Babaji the Caveman" on Keen Blog Talk Radio. He airs on Sundays at 8 pm PST. Prophet Babaji shares his insights on enlightened living to enhance your spiritual development as well as answer questions in all matters. He specializes in love and relationships.


10,000 stars to Babaji. He has the gift of laughter and he passes it on. This man is the one to go to. He will make your heart sing. He is a living prophet. TY Babaji for listening to your own song. You have inspired me beyond inspiration. Basically, I do not have words to express how blessed I feel to have connected w/ u


You are the best TY

Great and awesome what he does ty He described everyone in my situation to a T and gave me great insights and what I have to do

Wow All I did was tell him my name and he told me the area of my life that I was calling about & why, the confusion, the conflicts & what I needed to do to help the situation. If you've ever seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love and believe in the possibility of prophets, this man will confirm their existence. He's better than the advisors I had on the top of list Will definitely call back

Guruji is by far the best I have come across He is the REAL DEAL. I have been searching for answers from many and HE was the one to finally provide the truth. He knows you instantly and then relays his truth to you specifically in the manner perfect for you as an individual. He is a Guru and funny to boot! Best call ever. Definitely my seer! He is truly in tune with the Universe, Source & Love

Prophet Babaji the Caveman is a miracle to my life. He is like a John the Baptist from Patmos. He is truly part of God's light, magnetic in love and light with all beings. I feel blessed to have found him and I literally come to tears in his presence as God's Holy Spirit is with him. A true modern prophet. What an honor to have met him. I am thankful to God I did at this crucial time in my life

Babaji speaks & expresses in metaphors, parables w/ images which go beyond words to relate his insight to you. His style of communication clarifies the understanding of each person. Don't miss out on his advice and love. He is a blessing and a true spiritual Prophet of the heavens. A true Seer

Million stars U R spot on w/ everything THE BEST advisor on Keen and in my whole life. You are truly accurate, gifted & amazing. Everything was so genuine and spot on as far as my healing you are absolutely right TY

Babaji is a must call TY He will tell you what he sees and will not sugar coat. You will not regret calling him. I have been reading with him for 4 years and not once has he been wrong about anything. Love, career finances he will tell you all

YES call him His demeanor is so contagious w/ how genuinely happy he is He knew right when he heard my voice all about my situation without asking more than my name that's it. He described 100% accurately what was currently going on and advised me what to do. He was patient with trying to explain to me over and over what to do, cuz I didn't like the truth he was telling me. All I can say is if you want a genuine, spiritual guide this guy is it! He cares about u & ur well being he can be charging so much more

Always the truth & accurate insight Love u
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