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Hope and Clarity with Shawnee
Hope and Clarity with Shawnee
Is there a future for your relationship?
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I am a gifted psychic from a young age. I tune into your energy and your voice to give you the answers you seek. I am very compassionate and sensitive and feel other's heartbreak and pain. Let's talk!!
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I started at a very young age. I was in early grade school and remember being in my bedroom standing beside my bed and overwhelmed with something in the far future. I never forgot and it did come to pass. Usually things will hit me out of the blue and it will take me back. And that is how things come to me and have done all my life. I have never really felt I fit in and was always a very quiet, shy, and reserved person. I can give many stories of knowing things were happening and later came to pass. Often, if I said something to someone and they shrugged it off and would later come to me asking.... How did you know?
I just knew! I can stand by someone and just know. I have learned to accept my gift and love helping others.
Approach to Topics
Using my gifts I tune in to your energy and voice.
I am guided by spirit to guide you to help you find your peace and give you Clarity.
I am very honest and compassionate.
I have visions that come to me and have a very strong intuition. Not always what I want to see or know but prepares me still for what is to come.
I have helped many and am very respected and have made lasting friendships from my insight and guidance, advice and truth.
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