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I know of the dark areas we all face, and I want to help you through yours. We all need honest help from time to time, and I will not shirk from my solemn duty to inform you of everything you will face.
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I recognize the dark issues that we all face and confront in our day to day lives. Through my experiences navigating these pains and torments that affect humanity I have learned certain skills and abilities that help me to show those the light out of the shadows. I want to help any I can to enrich themselves and to show them what I can to help them along the path to strength and harmony. I will not sugar coat, I will never tell you untruths. I take it as my duty to show you whatever I can to better inform you of the troubles AND ways to overcome said troubles that you face.

If you feel trapped,or tightly wound like a knotted rope, let me help you unwind, and help you clear your mind of all the negativity in your mind and spirit. If you feel stressed, and need to give your mind and spirit a rest, I am here to assist you. If you are suffering loss, heartache, or lost your sense of direction, I am here to listen to you.

If we can overcome the vagaries that cloud our mind and reason, we would see to the truth of matters. And again, I am here to help.

If you have suffered depression for more than 6 weeks, it is professionally advised to seem professional care.

If you have ever felt so tightened-up, you feel like a knotted rope, let me help you to unwind. I f you are over-stressed and need to give your mind and spirit a rest, I am here to assist you.
If you are suffering loss, heartache, mental anguish, or otherwise feel you have lost your way, I am here to listen to you.

When we overcome the vagaries that cloud our minds and reason, we will see through to the truth.
I am here to help.
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