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Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Clairaudient Empath Tarot Dream Exploration
I am self taught in tarot. I will be turning 30 this year and picked up my first deck when I was 12 years old just out of curiosity. When I was 14 I had a near death experience and started experiencing auras, an energy field with the appearance of a hazy fog around the body of people and things visible to those attuned to psychic phenomenon. I kept my ability hidden for quite a few years (one, I was scared because I feared it was brain damage or something horrible due to my electrical shock; and two: awkward teen years...) I started opening up about my abilities when I was 18 due to meeting like minded people on the internet and gave my first official, paid reading when I was 23. I was on a train from Chicago to LA (which is a 3 day trip). I was terribly bored and someone asked for a tarot reading since she saw me practicing with my cards. She asked my price, I told her it was for personal, spiritual reasons and I have never charged anyone before. She said, "How about this, you do a reading for me and if I like it I will donate to you." I agreed. Afterwards, she said it was one of the best tarot readings she have ever had the pleasure of receiving and that such a gift should be rewarded and gave me $20. A couple more people in the dining car saw my reading and I walked off the train $80 richer. It snowballed from there.
Approach to Topics
I focus heavily on establishing what you DO already know so you can validate my ability, then I move on to looking for the things you may not expect so you are prepared for the important moments in your life. Besides my psychic ability I am an artist and think heavily in symbolism which is why I am drawn to the tarot. I'm clairvoyant and receive my messages through symbolic imagery. Example I may symbolically "see" flowers and also drums. I could interpret this to mean that you will be blossoming in your creative talents and doing things your own way.
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