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I am an Intuitive Coach, I guide you down the correct the path to the life you envision! I help you navigate through life by bringing clarity to situations and empowering you to take action.
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Thank you for taking the time to review my information. My name is Mia. I am a born Clariaudient, Empath, and Claircognizant, with more than 17 years experience using my skills to help people. I can identify conscious and subconscious patterns and behaviors that are preventing one from achieving goals and together create solutions. I hold sacred space for others to heal and reconnect to Divine Source, through loving and non-judgmental acceptance. I am energetically sensitive with an innate understanding of how to use energy to manifest desires; I am a problem solver.

Approach to Topics
HONESTY is appreciated and REQUIRED!! If your intentions are wrong going into the reading the results will be wrong. Your energy is so very important in this process. Be prepared to hear the truth whether if you like it or not!

My ideal client is someone who feels stuck in life. Seeking internal peace and better control of their happiness and the circumstances they experience.

They are curious in understanding what it truly means to be a creator of life.

They want clarity in all situations in order to make better decisions. They are interested in developing their intuition, ensuring they are always on the right path.

My ideal client has a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction. But does not understand how to implement it on a larger scale. They want to learn how to be master manifestors!

They want support on their journey and want to feel empowered when they are feeling unsure.

My ideal client feels lost and confused. The seek truth and understanding. The are seeking to understand their purpose. They want to trust their decisions.

They want abundance in all areas. They want to level up.

They want to know about the Universe and how it really works. They have questions and want answers.
They want to know what they are doing wrong and want to correct it.

They want to transition from religion to spirituality. They want a deeper connection. They want to be supported and love and not judged. They want to be a better version on themselves.

They want to heal themselves. They want reassurance. The want power and to be empowered. They want to release bad energy and all negativity.
They want positive energy and positivity. They want to attract positive things in life.

Peace, Love & Light,
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