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There is a whisper within you that wants to be heard. JennVirginia can assist in connecting with this Inner Voice and channel the higher realms. Call JennVirginia to enhance your experience with true wisdom and insights.
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I have been a professional spiritual coach/psychic since 2001, after clearing karmic past life agreement. I discovered this after becoming depressed and I began meditation/ self-awareness programs, awakening more of my abilities. I started with studying and using as astrology and numerology in my practice. I was guided to studied shamanic practices, studying with a Blackfoot and Cherokee shamans, Ted Andrews, Sandra Ingerman, and shadow work. I also am a Reiki Master in the Ursi methodology. I deepen my ability to listen, read and understand vibrations/frequencies of energies through studying through the Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine for Energies, as well as competing for advance studies in Electromagnetic Field Balancing and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I continued my education through and completing to be a certified Life Coach through the CTA and an Advanced Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) through the Stellar/Bennett University.
I have been working on Keen and other psychic sites, since 2001 after getting some readings on Keen, which told me I was strong in my abilities and to do sessions.
I am the host of Abstract Illusions Radio, interviewing many spiritual teachers, writers and progressive thinkers since 2007 as well as have three published books of poetry, several blogs and have been guest bloggers on Rebelle Society, Mythos & Marginalia, Women Spiritual Poetry, and Huffington Post.
Approach to Topics
My abilities, since childhood, have included most psychic gifts, include compassion, clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient(hearing), claircognizant(all-knowing sense), kinetic (touch) and empathetic. I can feel, see and sense what is going on now.

The way I conduct the session is simple to connect to the client’s energy by having them tell me by asking a question and/or tell her your concerns. Through hearing your voice, I am able to then sense and receive the information and answers to the questions. I connect through voice after the client asks a question, which allows me to connect with your guidance. I ask questions for clarification of the situation I am sensing and to deepen the connection. It may take a little time to fully connect, and I hope the caller understands that I don't instantly have all the questions. If it is the first time we have spoken or chatted, I will take a little longer to connect to your guidance and I am discerning what your guidance is telling me for you.

I am direct, can be blunt while using a sense of humor to ease any tense and to relax the client. Many callers find my energy calming.
I started doing readings on Keen, after several psychics on Keen suggested it was time for me to do readings myself on Keen in 2001. I have done thousands of readings and took a break in 2008 to become an Intuitive Life Coach to serve my clients to the best of my abilities. I returned back to Keen in 2009 to continue serving you.
I have been doing life and relationship readings, advice, and mainly coaching for over two decades, with a deep understanding of the spiritual agreements and aspects that are going on now. I also understand the Universal Laws which can impact relationships of all kinds.
Give me a call and get some peace of mind. During these trying times, everyone needs someone who can relate to their situation. Understand that you may hear something you didn't expect or want to hear. Your thoughts do create your reality and you are responsible for your thoughts and actions.
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  • Accurate · 26
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