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Clarity, guidance, support , twin soul help
Spiritual based insight, advice and guidance to help you through those challenging times and find solutions and how to best move forward. Twin soul relationship guidance.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
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I'm an intuitive tarot reader, energy healer and spiritual life coach providing support and assistance to help people find inner peace and happiness and create the best possible life for themselves.

Experience with:

Spiritual life coaching

Relationship guidance

Energy healing

Tarot/oracle card intuitive readings

Self-confidence, belief, esteem

Manifesting your soul.

Career and life purpose assistance

Insight, guidance, clarity of life issues to find path forwards

Personal growth and fulfillment

Affirmations to enhance your life and happiness

Meditation practices

Support, encouragement, deep listening

Clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant

Advice and guidance for those with twin soul relationships
Approach to Topics
I work by tuning in to my higher self and inner guidance to connect in with you and your situation. I am an intuitive with clairvoyant and claircognisant skills. I also sometimes using tarot cards as a tool to assist. My approach is gentle, honest, encouraging and I always aim to bring you back to you, to your true self and help you gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to access your own inner guidance and inner power.

Help with clearing, aligning and strengthening your energies. How to live as a spiritual being. How to navigate your day to day life and find answers and solutions to your challenges.

I can assist you by offering my intuitive guidance as to what's going on and to help you in how to bring about the necessary changes such as clearing out old patterns, beliefs that are blocking you to make it easier to live as your true soul self and create the life that you were meant to live. I can also share energy clearing and healing tools with you.

You may wish to know how to find your purpose and how to deal with your everyday life in a successful way. I can offer spiritual guidance as to how the universe works, and how to work with it to bring you greater fulfillment and happiness.

I will listen to you about your concerns and questions about your relationships, work other aspects of your life.Tell you what I'm picking up and seeing to give you a better understanding as to what's truly going on, what you can do to improve things and support and guide you to your best possible future.

Please note that my readings aren't predictive as I believe that the future is fluid and changeable and outcomes can change.

I also offer guidance and support for those in twin soul relationships.

You may have experienced a strong pull towards someone, feel you've known them all your life even though you've just met. This person makes your heart sing yet you encounter difficulties, maybe one moment things are going swimmingly and you want to be together then the next you're blown apart. They disappear and yet the feelings are still there no matter how hard you try to move on. Or they deny there's anything special and you begin to doubt yourself.

I am a twin soul myself so I have personal experience of what this relationship is about, the challenges it holds and what is needed to make it work.

The twin soul relationship is different to other relationships. It is first and foremost about your relationship with your own soul. It's about your spiritual path and growth. The relationship is there for you but it's about so much more than simply getting together with the physical body.

If your only question is when will he/she call me, when will we be together, what is he/she thinking without the necessary spiritual understanding and work involved then I'm not the right reader for you. The answers to those questions might provide you with some short term relief but would be of no help in actually manifesting your ts relationship.

The twin soul path involves much inner work. If you're ready for that but need some help figuring it out and need support and guidance along the way then I'd be delighted to assist.

I believe twin soul relationships ARE meant to work and ARE meant to come to fruition, in this life-time!

It's not an easy path. It involves developing a relationship with your own soul. You need to remove all that isn't a reflection of your true self. It's a soul to soul relationship that begins and ends on the soul level. There are no short cuts and no exceptions to this :)

Twin soul relationships are rare relationships. Not everyone has one. You are two halves of one soul.

I offer you my help to understand what it's about and the necessary "work" to make it happen and maintain it. I can guide you and support you with what you can do to handle things and how to get things going in the right direction.
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