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Vampire for hire answers all on the shadowy world of real life vampires. Vampire readings. **IF YOU HAVE GENERAL LIFE & LOVE QUESTIONS NOT VAMPIRE RELATED PLEASE SEE LOVE LEFT HAND PATH STYLE LISTING**
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I have been a part of the vampire community for over 13+ years, most of those have been spent acting in a solitary manner and not as part of a group. I have had donors , fed in a variety of ways , and am also very well read on the matter of vampires in the living as well as entertainment and folkloric aspect of the term vampire. I have no experience with this as a role player or LARP-er, all of my experiences have been applied in a real life context. I have never played vampire the masquerade or any such game and that is not to knock them or those that play, but to clarify where I am coming from and my areas of expertise.
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***IF YOU ARE SEEKING A GENERAL LIFE AND/OR LOVE READING THAT IS NOT VAMPIRE RELATED PLEASE CONTACT ME ON THE APPROPRIATE LISTING*** Honest and experienced. Well informed on vampire community, scene and practices. if you want to know if a particular person is acting as a vampire in your life inquire here, how to deal with unwanted psychic vampires, finding like minds, whether to make practices public or not (or coming out the coffin- should you ? why or why not?) practicing solo, if you want to know if potential donor is right for you, how to find and properly vetting a potential donor (or red flags for black swans, what to look out for), if you want to discuss dealing with cravings, how, when and why to feed this is the listing for you and much much more.
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