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Theresa the Spiritual Healer
Theresa the Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Energy Healing, Counselling & Awakening
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** Healing only ** Spiritual healing, counselling and spiritual awakening to help your soul be free from karma and blocks and spiritually heal your soul for harmony, wellbeing, peace and enlightenment.
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
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Aura Cleansing
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Hello, my name is Theresa. I am a lightworker and healing medium. With help from the angels, I wish to help you become the enlightened angel you were born to be.

With over 17 years of experience working with spiritual arts & natural therapies, I have assisted many people to open up their souls clearing away karma & blockages to get them on their true path. You can contact me for spiritual energy healing as well as spiritual guidance and spiritual awakening.

I first noticed my spiritual abilities as a child and I have further developed them as an adult. At the age of 33 (9 years ago), I had a profound and unexpected enlightenment experience of walking into the light and thus becoming the light and there I discovered my true angelic goddess self and found my angel wings. Since that magical transformation, I realised I have the ability to awaken others' true angelic self and help them find their wings and my journey on Earth is to do so.

My certified qualifications are Angel Intuitive, Advanced Aromatherapy, Realm Reader, Advanced Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences, Hopi Ear Candling Therapist, and Raindrop Technique (essential oil massage). I also have completed various other natural therapy modules including counselling, mind-body medicine, ayurvedic principles, traditional Chinese philosophy, acupressure, medical astrology, clairvoyance therapy, and nutrition. And I have practised & taught Shaktipat inner Goddess & chakra awakening, union, alignment & oneness with the primordial Godhead & cosmic energy, healing, & meditation for over 17 years.

I wish to help Earth Angels get on their true path and become the enlightened angels they were born to be so they can be spiritually repaired, free to be their true self and in turn, help others too so the world can be transformed into a place of peace and harmony.
Approach to Topics
I provide spiritual healing and awakening to assist you with your spiritual enlightenment, well-being, life harmony and soul's development. As a spiritual counsellor and medium for enlightened spiritual energy as we talk I connect with your soul and spiritually heal your energy by awakening your soul and charging you with divine love, light and vibrations. I help to open doors to Spirit, light, love, life, magic, healing, harmony and peace.

Angelic healing, guidance and awakening:

• Spiritual counselling
• Spiritual healing
• Chakra readings & healing
• Aura healing
• Angel magic
• Angel therapy
• Energy shielding
• Space (home, workplace) therapy
• Spiritual Portals
• Meditation
• Spiritual awakening
• Enlightenment
• Self-realisation
• Self-actualisation

I look forward to helping you and wish for you to become the enlightened angel you were born to be.

Love, Theresa x
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