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**DO NOT choose me for a romance reading or fortune telling**. Arrange an appointment with me if you are serious about working on your Soul and Life Purpose and want a deep and powerful Spiritual Reading and Etheric Repair
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"Amazing! So much wonderful information, and so kind and personable :0))"
Paul W. (USA)

"Thank you very good! Very intune! ...Wonderful reading, thank you!"

"It was an awesome reading. She gave me so much to look forward to thank you very much. Can't wait to call back and share updates"

I am a Soul Reader and Etheric Repairer. I first noticed my spiritual abilities as a child and I have further developed them as an adult. At the age of 33 (9 years ago) I had a profound enlightenment experience of walking into the light and thus becoming the light and there I discovered my true angelic goddess self and found my angel wings. Since that magical transformation I realised it is my journey and purpose on Earth to help others to also awaken their true angel god(dess) self and find their angel wings.

My certified qualifications are an Angel Intuitive, Realm Reader, and an Advanced Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences. I also have completed have various other Natural Therapy modules.

I have also practiced and taught Shaktipat (inner goddess awakening) Yogi Meditation and Etheric Repair Methods for over 17 years. And I am now a solitary eclectic witch (priestess) practicing European Benevolent Magic together with my other practices.

My soul's angelic realms are The Incarnated Angels, Star People, Fairies (of The Elemental Realm) and Wise Ones (old Earthly souls formerly benevolent magic practitioners).

My Mission

I wish to give as many people as possible Angel Baptism™ and help Earth Angels get on their true path and become the Enlightened Angels they were born to be so they can be Spiritually Repaired and in turn help others too so the world can be transformed into a place of peace and harmony.
Approach to Topics
I am an spiritual therapist with a loving and caring nature. Being a channel for enlightened spiritual energy as we talk I connect with your soul and your soul is repaired and charged with angelic love, light and vibrations.

I will ignite and awaken your Angel God(dess) Self by awakening your Magic, Sacred Tree Of Life within you and connecting you to the Divine Life Force of the Cosmos, helping your Magic, Tree Of Life, Life Force and Cosmic Connection to grow and assisting to remove the blocks and karma within your Soul to complete your Awakening and Enlightenment.

You will receive guidance messages from angels, gods and spirit guides to help you with your awakening and life purpose.

I will do a deep realm reading and guide you in how your soul has developed through the realms of the angels since your soul's conception and where it is at this point in time. I will also give to you information on what realm your soul is evolving into. This information is important if you are working on your soul and life purpose by helping you to clearly understand why you are the way you are, your gifts, and what direction you need to take.

I will do an angel reading to tell you how many angels you have and their names.

I will provide you with a life purpose reading and check the color(s) of your aura to give you more knowledge of your strengths and gifts and for further clarity of your life purpose.

I will also check your aura and chakras for blockages and negative energy and help to clear and repair them for you.

And with the help of angels I will provide angelic therapy to cleanse, repair & shield your spiritual body by removing toxic energy and cord attachments, repair damage done by them and charge you with benevolent light.

I will also help remove any curses/hexes and entities and provide information and implementation of shielding and protection methods given by the angelic spirit guides and gods.


Please take a photo of yourself and send it to me prior to your appointment as it helps me to connect with you fully, prepare for your reading and receive additional information that I see in the photos. This can include seeing spiritual beings that are with you and passed loved ones currently with you in the photos if they wish to communicate with you. I will also commence your reading before your appointment and write down everything that comes to me and then share this with you during your appointment.

Let me know before your appointment if you are open to receiving anything that comes through or specifically want any of the following:

Angelic realms reading
Psychic senses therapy
Angel therapy
Tree of life and angelic-god(dess) self awakening
Life purpose reading
Aura reading and therapy
Tree of life (chakra) reading and therapy
Curse/hex removal
Negative entity removal
Etheric repair
Angel readings
Messages from passed loved ones
Space therapy
Meditation guidance
Training and mentorship

**DO NOT come to me for a romance reading or fortune telling**

Make an appointment with me if you are an Earth Angel serious about working on your true angelic soul and life purpose and want a deeply spiritual and powerful reading, etheric repairing and awakening.

I look forward to helping you.

Love, Theresa x
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