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Miranda Tempest
Miranda Tempest
Helping with your spiritual journey! Ext 0334756
Life is about the decisions we make that bring us to tomorrow. You are special, you are important and you are already where you need to be. Let's make it the best place possible!
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My grandson has already shown medium ability, the same insights as I when my ability was seen as young as six years old when I made my first prediction by naming the state where I would have my first child and even the gender of that child. Years later this proved accurate. I will always have a deep respect and love for Christ convinced that he was the man who appeared and offered me the choice to stay or return with him during a near death drowning at a young age. The psychic ability was inherited from my grandmother's side. The adults easily recognized and were eager to encourage the gifts of the children in the family growing up as I now do with our children.
Approach to Topics
~If you enjoyed your reading, please rate. Ty~ Most people use several psychics. Please consider keeping notes on time, psychics name and results so that you don't mistake something said by one but thought it was said by another. I have had this happen to me when I gave free minutes and received a lashing through email but when I looked I had never read the person. They only emailed me asking for more details about what type of readings I did. I realized they were thinking I gave them inaccurate info when in fact, I had never given any type of paid reading.
Advise when obtaining a reading: Always have a question. Some clients say 'tell me anything you get' but I found most everytime they are angry I did not hit on what they considered important (this means they do have a question) because what the guides find important for your spiritual growth and lessons of life may be entirely different. You don't see a doctor and tell them to 'guess' where I am ailing and then tell them they were wrong. If you tell a doctor where it hurts but he diagnosis you with something in an entirely different area of your body you don't tell them it isn't important, what you say hurts is important. It may be that neglecting one area is leading pain to another area of your body or the pain you feel is minor and will heal on it' own but something else is more pressing to heal you are completely unaware of.
There are sites trying to prepare clients on how to know if the psychic is 'real'. The reason for this is that there are so many psychic sites that everyone appears to have suddenly gained this ability, not that many people don't have enough ability to give sound advice, but the genuine ones worked at it since he or she was young. One site numbered what she considered a fake psychic would say to them. One was 'they should not questions' I disagree. As one example I was validated for each question I asked the client. 'Did she have a daughter under 12' Specific question I could not have known. 'Was she on a sports team' Specific question I could not have known. 'Was there a game coming up' Again a specific question that once I validated this information I could give her the prediction 'She could get hurt' and then the advice 'Warn her' and she did not want to discuss her daughter at all. That is not fishing for information, that is accuracy. What was amazing is that while the guides found the daughter to be more important than her boyfriend, the mother did not.
When you call for a reading about a subject on your mind try to be open to any and all messages that come through even if it has nothing to do with the question you asked. You can not go to God in prayer and say 'Hey I want to talk and I want to know this but, please don't tell me anything else no matter how important you think it is, ok?'
He will literally answer nothing for you.
There are readings were one co-worker will deliberately make another feel uncomfortable, embarrassing them, creating faults and even attempt to set them up. Why? It could be a personality clash with no big explanation behind it as some clients expect a psychic to have. Sometimes it is a simple answer. When you call a psychic don't anticipate what they will say or assume if they give the answer that is just common sense that the psychic has no ability. It may only be that simple and you knew it all along.
Many people are under the impression we can resurrect a vision or thought in an instant when asked a question, any question. This is not true. Free will plays a role.
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