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Hello! My name is V. For 10 years I have helped clients when their internal compass went on vacation. Together we discover a path, get on track, dive into dreams, and more! Discover more about me and what I offer below.
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Hello Again! It means so much to me that you came here, to read a little bit more about me and see whether I am a good fit for you. I hope you are doing ok, and if you aren't I want you to please remember how loved you are. If you are, I repeat: you are loved!!!
Ok, how about I talk a little bit about me.
After a horribly sad experience in 2008, I realized I could not ignore my profoundly accurate deep feelings about events which would come to pass. Had I trusted myself and not been afraid, I may have saved a life and prevented a family's sorrow. What a mess I was, I felt ashamed, guilty, and totally aware of this ability I had been suppressing for years out of fear. By pure chance, I found a mentor who had just moved to my city even thought she didn't really want to be there. The stars aligned and I began the journey to know myself, trust myself and love myself.
I had been a student of dream interpretation since the mid 90's and this became my first way of helping other people. Over the years, I found I was quite gifted at casting stones and use very special crystals in most of my readings. I learned an energy work modality called Energy Emerging from my mentor April Lugo, PhD and clients always share how much they love these potent sessions. I became a student of tarot and I dabble in astrology but am not an astrologist. I have a random mediumship ability - sometimes loved ones come through which is a wonderful gift. I have a passion for helping people in recovery from addictions as well as their suffering loved ones.
I am a mother of two adult children (I survived teenagers, you can too!), and I raised both of them to not be afraid of their gifts. My son is a talented Tarot reader and my daughter is like me with great intuitive/empathic gifts which she channels into art. I have been divorced and opened my heart to let love in again. My partner and I enjoy our peaceful life, love tea, and hope to increase the family size with a dog or three in the near future (he is allergic to cats otherwise I would have one now!).
I have been reading professionally since 2009, mostly in person at a store called Vision Quest in Everett, WA. I signed up to be a Keen adviser years ago but never followed through as I liked in person readings. I have been guided to get online and get out there to help more people! So here I am, finally making my Keen Debut. I look forward to being of service. May your day be blessed and peaceful.
Approach to Topics
If you are needing Dream Reading, simply you tell me the dream and I help you map out its meaning. You will learn how I do this for yourself and you will have an understanding of the dream in question by the time we are through.
If you want an Energy Emerging session I simply ask that you have made time to receive such a session. No driving during and up to a couple hours after a session (people feel very "squishy" after energy work). I will tell you everything I see, feel, hear and know and pass along all messages I receive for you.
I have a different way of doing my readings than most. To start I connect with your name (real first name please!) and I cast the stones. I will tell you what I see, feel, hear and know. It is a lot of information and I always tell my clients to have pen and paper ready to write things down. When channeling it comes fast and furious and I won't remember for you. After the initial reading it is open for questions. If the information you received does not answer the questions you had on your heart, I will use Tarot cards to clarify your specific queries.
I am the best reader for you if you want to clear through interference and get to your deepest soul truth. Interference can be other people, places, circumstances, but I don’t read for people without permission, this session is 100% about you and you only. If you have a purpose and a dream but aren't sure how to execute, I am here to help. Have you been having recurring dreams? The subconscious is just as important as the conscious and I will help you learn how to interpret your dreams and they are true messages from your heart, without ego mucking them up. I do the most I can ethically and with integrity so you feel empowered to make the best choice for yourself and follow your path.
I am not the reader for you if you want to know if your partner is cheating or if you will get a job or get fired, etc. If you want to know yourself and explore the ocean of possibilities open to you through the Love of All, I'm your Huckleberry.
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