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Do you need help achieving your heartfelt goals and intentions in a relationship, family, and career? I'm here to help walk you through attaining your goal and a higher level of balance.
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My Background of 10 years of training under Governors and Tutors of the Five Fold Ministry which is the hand of God that moves in the earth to help, heal, bind up and restore the brokenhearted and wound the spirit. I am Eboni I am a gifted Prophetess and licensed Spiritual Life Coach and Counselor. I provide spiritual guidance based on my prophetic intuitive awareness. It is my joy working to assist my clients in getting the intuitive answers and guidance you are looking for in your life. I’m straightforward, compassionate and direct when revealing the messages, I receive through visions, symbols, and words. I have been doing intuitive prophetic readings for over ten years. I offer balance to all problem and situation. Since childhood, I have had a clear line of communication with God and have lived my life in alignment with the messages I received. I share the visions I receive directly as shown to me by The Spirit, not based on what my client may want to hear but as The Spirit reveals. Through my own experiences of personal prophecy. Without judgment, I will guide you to find the answer you seek. I receive messages through the Holy Spirit and Angels. I welcome all questions and concerns; past, present, and future. If you are at a crossroad and desire clarity on your life, or how to find joy and inner peace for yourself and with others, I can assist you. I believe we create our own future with our words, thoughts, and actions. Every reading is an opportunity to grow spiritually and connect with your purpose.
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Spiritual readings – provide intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth and empowerment. What Can You Expect From A Spiritual Reading? The spiritual guidance you receive during a reading with me - a prophet helps you to identify inner truths. This insight can be a valuable tool you can use to move your life forward. The type of spiritual reading and the level of information and insight you receive will depend on my intuitive awareness during the spiritual reading you are consulting on. As a spiritual reader, I have my own unique way of interpreting spiritual information that I receive through my guide the Holy Spirit. Some spiritual readers use mediumship to form a bridge to the spiritual realm but I use my guide the Holy Spirit. I also rely on my intuition and the prophetic for guidance and direction. Your spiritual reading will also be influenced by my personality as a prophet who is giving you a reading. As a spiritual reader, I am able to translate the spiritual information I receive in a language that is easy to relate to and understand. However, as a spiritual reader I choose to impart insight and information in a more dramatic manner, so do not be surprised when I start talking about the angels of the Lord. What Can You Learn From A Spiritual Reading? Spiritual guidance can often confirm information that you may already sense or suspect. When this happens it is a sign that you are already tuning into your own intuition for guidance, and this is something that you should continue to do for your own spiritual development and personal empowerment. A spiritual reading and prophetic reading is more interactive than a psychic reading because it provides more guidance and insight than the psychic reader’s interpretation of particular tarot cards or messages from spirit and guides. As a good spiritual reader, I will encourage you to ask questions and to question yourself so that you experience the reading on a more personal level.If the system says I am away, please arrange a call or schedule an appointment I will take it immediately if I'm free.

Straightforward but Compassionate. I will help you and walk with through every area of your life.

Disclaimer: I realize that the information discussed with Advice From Eboni is prophetic and intuitive in nature and is to be used for information purposes only. I am aware that the information I receive will predict on the issues, circumstances, and energies involved at the time of the consultation. I accept full and complete responsibility for my interpretation and application of the information provided to me during the session. I understand that the information received during the consultation is supportive in nature, but does not replace any legal, medical, psychological or other professional advice. I accept that as with all intuitive it is not possible for an Empathetic Consultation to maintain 100% accuracy. I acknowledge that an Empathetic Consultation cannot provide a warranty for the guidance, insight, and support I receive during our session and any discussion thereof. My payment for this consultation acknowledges my acceptance all of the above. I acknowledge I will not hold Advice from Eboni liable of any legally accountable or responsible for causing harm or damage to another person or entity. I the client take full responsibility for all my actions.
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