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I have 37yrs as a psychic HEALER/Counselor Helping 34,001 callers heal their hearts and Relationships and bringing smiles from tears I have regressed thousands to see past love lives and heal! Learn the WHY"S HEAL today!
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I am Psychic Seer (Psychic Mind Reader Since Childhood)and using every possible New Age Healing System Available I have learned To Peer into peoples minds, Hearts and Souls in Healing gentle ways! TO See the hidden blocks to True Love, Health and Success and even TO; Open Heartedness. bringin Open minds to many Relationships JOYS sadly missing! Distance Reiki can Help Release these Sadnesses In our Lives and YES Even OUR Past-Lives Freeing us into THE successfully Happy NOW the NEW NOW of Harmonious Loves. I started with Management, job, relationship and substance Counselling then on to Astrological/Tarot Counselling teaching hundreds of classes and giving Lectures and Many TV and Radio Call In Shows THEN past life Regression (thousands of private and group regression clients at my office) Then Psychological studies= Jungian INNER self work Jungian Dream analysis. then Transformational Psychotherapy , NLP and Inner Self- INNER CHILD work = Inner Neg father /mother issues found INNER LOVER and even WORKER all NEW avenues for Soul healing in the MAGNIFICENT WORLD of the PSYCHE! Developed many heart healing techniques Like the THE LETTER THERAPY which has helped thousands change their lives relationships and Karma and DEEP Healing techniques for MANY manifestations of imbalance towards Wholeness and many new age Wellness Life enhancements- Buddhist meditations on the Path of the Bodhisattva and teachings VIA His Holiness the Dalai Lama - Aromatherapy - Distance REIKI Heart Healings - DEEP relaxation techniques for Meditation - developed the Letter therapy and for at HOME HEALING and relationship healing Shamanic work with Native Chiefs and Elders :Offerings, Smoke ceremony, Wigwam building , Sweat Lodge construction and ceremony! Over coming Height fears and relationship anxieties and fearsetc Deeply relaxing Meditations and guided Visions to Meet One guides Cheers and God Bless Thanks For Reading
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