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Clairaudiance, spiritual hearing, and knowing ones perception of love in a relationship is the key to manage even though a difficult relationship. The key, perhaps, when hidden in plain sight?
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Greetings, If you would like to know about what is in your lover's mind and heart you are in the right place, if you would like to reach your loved ones on the other side, I will do my best. Keep in mind that I am not a Genie in the bottle, I do not grant wishes, only God can do that! I am a clairvoyant/clairaudiant medium, I have sat with the best Trance Voice Medium in the world back in the late 60's and early 70's, of course she was a trance medium with the gift of direct voice, and materialization, she was going strong ever since the 1930's. And crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 87. She is now on the other side with the Angels, and her many loved ones. Since true mediumship takes both time and patience, hence the lower price. Regarding the spirit photos they are all very real, I am using them to demonstrate that life does go on after the physical change known as death. To many that have seen this photo, it is a picture of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. It was taken in the presence of an elderly friend of mine Lio W., and there were 18 other people in the room, the rest of her tour group were standing behind the person taking the picture. My elderly friend, Lio, W. kept this picture for 5 years after it was taken, she was fearful of getting it lost or having it duplicated might damage it or it getting stolen if in the wrong hands. So, she waited until she was able to find a photographer willing to copy it in her presence. I consider myself very, very privileged to have this photo. It was taken while Lio W. was on a tour in Cario Egypt in 1984 in a small Coptic Temple. The small room is a Prayer Chapel, there was but one small window seen in the back, there were no mirrors or statues in this room. The man on right in black (barely seen for privacy purposes) is a Coptic Priest, if you have questions regarding this photo, feel free to ask me.

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Down You Came From Heights Of Endless Beauty,
With Eyes Of Blue Fire,
You Invaded Our Perceptions,
Far Beyond The Winds Of Time, You Stand,
Before The Crowds Of Pain Around You,
Immersed In The Crys; "Great Healer!
"Give Us Your Blessing!"
such lament, unrelenting.
Every Oak Tree Bows Before You As You Walk
Your Sovereign Path.
Perfection Of Spirit You Are, Without Flaw,
And So Regal In Wisdom,
You Came Here Giving Your Life As Ransom,
A Lamb, To A Sin Filled World.
The Cruelty Of A Heinous Spirit, You Gave
Your All For Us, And Departing So Quickly,
That You Left Behind Your Endless Love.
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