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Spiritual Counselor Shay
Spiritual Counselor Shay
Spiritual Guide - Healing - Awakening- Manifesting
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Spiritual Healing & Clearing, Spiritual Guidance. Spiritual Life Coaching, Relationship Healing. Help with Ascension & Awakening and your Spiritual Path. Getting unstuck! Help with relationships and abundance!
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I am a Certified Energywork Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual and Intuitive Healer and Coach. I've worked as a healer and guide for over 19 years and have helped many people let go of old baggage, patterns, and blocks. And to feel much much better!

I have been trained in these healing techniques and more, however, I have evolved to do my own method of spiritual healing and coaching. I am here as a guide and catalyst for your empowered healing.

I have studied with many mystical and spiritual paths, including Tibetan Dzogchen, Kabbalah and Sufism. My goal is to help you get in touch with your Divine self and help you co-create a happy, healed, successful life.
Approach to Topics
Spiritual Counseling and Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Support. Help with Ascension & Awakening and all that goes with it! And I can help you bridge the world of spirit with the "real" world and all its challenges.

Here to help you heal, be empowered and be the real YOU!

I will help you on your spiritual path and navigate real-world issues like relationships, abundance, and other things life throws at you.

I work as a bridge between earth and spirit. I’m here to help guide you spiritually and help people awaken. I’m here to bring in light, love, and compassion.

Spiritual Warriors, Warriors of the Light, and all seekers on the path, I’m here to help!

I’m compassionate, non-judgmental, and down to earth. :)

If I’m offline, message me to set up a time!

If you message me for a healing or help with an issue. I connect with you on an energetic and spiritual level. I can help you move through issues such as feeling stuck, low energy, relationship issues and more.

I will chat with you about what's going on and what you would like to change or heal in your life.

I'm NOT here to be a blind or predictive reader. It's an intuitive conversation that will open you up to sense things in yourself that you need to see and heal or address. I will also give suggestions for further healing at home on your own.

I empower you to heal and get unstuck!

We can see into the future somewhat, however we can shift our path in an instant with a change of perspective. So I can feel/sense where you are headed but that's not usually written in stone.

I teach you how to co-create your life with the Divine.

Questions to do NOT like to answer:
Is he/she/they coming back?
I don't answer this one, but I will help you manifest a great relationship! And it may be that same person!

Will I get this job?
I will help you learn how to manifest a great job though!

Sometimes more than one session will be needed to work through deep issues. Be patient with yourself. Healing is a process.

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