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Tarot Readings by April
Tarot Readings by April
Expert Rune Readings for a Unique View
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Ancient Norse wisdom for modern times. Runes give a unique perspective on your situation. Let an expert help you apply the guidance of the Elder Futhark to your journey. 15 years with Keen! Readings by chat and email.
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Welcome to Rune Readings by April! I am new to New England recently returned from Asia with my heart always in Chicagoland. For 15 years, Keen has given me the opportunity to do what I love wherever I find myself. Now that I’m a new mom, I’m grateful that Keen gives me the flexibility and support to spend most of my time with my family. ♌️

Tarot is my first love, but I’ve been studying runes, astrology, and more since 1995. In addition to reading with thousands of people all over the world, I’ve published numerous articles on divination, relationships, and magic. I founded the Chicago Tarot Club in 2005 and taught many to read their own cards with classes, workshops and private tutoring.

Please inquire about appointments and readings by email.
Approach to Topics
"Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been like the blast of a trumpet." - Ralph
Waldo Emerson

Runes are essentially an alphabet, except that we call them a Futhark for the sounds made by the first six letters. Throughout Northern Europe there have been several incarnations of Futhark. The set of 24 runes that I use is called the Elder Futhark and dates to about 2000 years ago. Runes are used much like we use the Tarot, I Ching or any random method. Each letter is traditionally carved into a stone or piece of wood but can be made from other materials like clay or paper. The seeker asks a question, and we find the answer by pulling out letters one at a time or by tossing them all on the table and studying their relationships to each other.

Runes are unique because they are one of the few alphabets in which each letter also represents a word. The first letter Fehu makes the sound F, but it also means money. Over many centuries different peoples wrote rune poems as a memory aid for each letter. These poems give us the foundation of each rune's message. Ancient Scandinavian and Germanic tribes also used the runes in magical work just as we can today. The letters can be carved or painted onto jewelry and tools to manifest a desired result.

Over 25 years with divination has taught me that tools like astrology and Tarot are too complex to expect a quick one word answer. They are designed for reflection, inspiration, exploration, and motivation. A rune reading will not tell you yes or no, and it probably won’t say when. The best readings begin by asking how, what or why. Please take a few moments before clicking the chat button to think about your questions. I encourage you to take notes whenever you talk to an advisor as sometimes the information has more meaning after a few hours or a few days.

Just a few areas where runes can shine a light:
~ Inspiration and motivation
~ Processing loss and grief
~ Brainstorming and decision making
~ Dream interpretation
~ Building better relationships

No false promises. No gloom and doom prophesies. No "tall dark strangers" that never appear. Just honest, straightforward guidance to get you moving in the right direction. 🌈
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