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The Career Psychic
What's in your highest and best interest? The Light tells me, I tell you. Years of meditation permit me to set aside my conscious mind. No tools.
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In the 1990s I attended the Nine Gates Mystery School and studied Taoist meditation, chi kung (qi gong) and internal alchemy with Mantak Chia's senior instructors. I became a certified instructor of the Healing Tao. Also part of my path during that decade was extensive healing using energy work, Riki, massage, channneling, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy and Chinese Five Elements theory.

When I was ready to become a professional psychic I took a class in clairvoyance with the Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts school.

My prior careers were in journalism and organizational consulting. I have a B.A. with honors in journalism and political science and completed two years of classwork towards a master's degree in sociology.

I am once again available to Keen callers after years away doing psychic readings independently via phone and in person. I am a professional psychic -- this is not a sideline, but how I have made my living since 2009.
Approach to Topics
To stay in touch with the Light, I have a daily spiritual practice (chi kung and Taoist meditation) and a mostly plant-based diet.

I am a clairvoyant psychic empath who provides telephone and chat psychic readings on all topics. I use no cards, runes, pendulum or other tools. You ask questions, I tell you what comes from the Light -- that is, your Higher Self, guides, and other high-vibration sources of information.

I do not need a lot of detailed information from you except for specific questions and the spelling of first names. The more specific your questions, the more immediate and useful is the information that comes.

I give you what I get as the Light sends it. The first data, especially when you do not have a specific question, is often a mix of the following:

* Emotions I feel you recently having
* Sensations in my body
* A character or energy profile of the person about whom you are asking
* A metaphor
* An image

Once I’ve presented this information the Light often then sends interpretations and “streaming” messages in greater detail. Be open, respect my process, and work with me.

Given my life experiences with intensive personal healing and spiritual transformation, the Light often sends me clients who need insights into traumas, dysfunctional families, spiritual paths and sexuality. My former careers in training, consulting and management -- combined with my training in Dr. Murray Bowen's Systems Theory -- also qualify me to help you navigate workplace conflicts.

If you are looking for a spiritual psychic who meditates, a relationship coach, an intuitive life coach, a business plan adviser or a spiritually oriented vegetarian, I'm also a great psychic reader for you.

I take great pride in my work, and I am an excellent and highly ethical psychic. Call or chat with me now for Guidance from the Light.

Love & Light,
Deborah (a.k.a. my Spirit name "Jamalia")
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